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Friday, 15 November 2019

My First HydraFacial Experience

Facials are something that have always intrigued me. I've only ever had a couple in my life on spa days and the like but they've always left my skin feeling and looking incredible so when I was kindly invited to try out the HydraFacial at Dr Rashpal Singh Medispa in Middlesbrough, I was extremely excited. I'll admit I knew virtually nothing about the HydraFacial, maybe only seeing the phrase on Instagram stories and a few articles but after reading a little bit about it and seeing how popular it is as a beauty treatment in 2019, my face was so ready for it. The HydraFacial is not like any other facial I've had before but I feel like overall, it has probably done my face and my skin the most good and if you read on you'll find out exactly why. Disclaimer: you will see a lot of close-up photos of my rather unattractive pores but hey, no one's skin looks great from this distance right?! 


The clinc, Dr Rashpal Singh Medispa, is located just outside of the centre of Middlesbrough and I actually loved the interior. The clinic offers a whole variety of treatments, including cosmetic fillers and botox alongside the skincare facials, but it didn't feel like a "clinic" at all. It was super homely with beautiful decor - I am incredibly jealous of that triangle pattern wall!! 


The HydraFacial is all about deeply cleansing your skin and using technology to deliver nutrients and antioxidants to the skin. I've got quite oily skin that gets extremely clogged and congested around my nose area in particular and also around my chin at times. I also work in a very oily environment which isn't great for my skin either so I was extremely excited to give my skin the deep cleanse that was promised by the HydraFacial.

There are a number of steps to the HydraFacial treatment, the first one being detox and cleansing the skin. This removes dead skin cells from the skin. The first thing I noticed about the HydraFacial is how sophisticated the technology is that they use. It's not painful at all and is actually quite a pleasant and relaxing feeling! Whilst doing this, it also puts serum filled with antioxidants and vitamins directly into your skin. 

Once old skin cells have been removed, a salycillic and glycolic acid solution is added to the skin and left for a couple of minutes until your skin is ready for the next stage - the fun part which is the extraction! This is the part that I was looking forward to. You can see the vacuum tip of the machine on the photos above and this is what is used to pull dirt, impurities and nasties from your skin. Because my skin is oily and clogged around my nose area, this is where we focused on for the treatment and the difference afterwards was incredible. My skin felt clean, bright and healthy and the best part is that you get to see the dirt that's been taken from your skin afterwards. I had a lot of oil sitting on the top of the solution and a lot of little bits of impurities from the pores on my nose - it was so interesting to see! The good news was that my skin wasn't too overly congested and the main problem was the amount of oil that my skin produces - so not too shabby! 

This was my skin the next morning - it looked and felt absolutely incredible! My pores felt clean, I had a fantastic glowy base for my make-up and I overall felt great about my skin. I posted some vides of the treatment on my Instagram stories on the "beauty" highlight if you want to see the facial in action! Overall I do feel like the HydraFacial was worth it and I would definitely get it again! 

I did ask about it's suitability for different skin types and I was told that it is great for everyone, no matter how old you are or what your skin concerns are as the treatment can be tailored for you and you will be asked about your skincare concerns before the treatment takes place. 


Amy x

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