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Friday, 10 August 2018

My Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Sleeping Well

Let’s talk about bedrooms because, well they’re pretty important aren’t they? We begin and end
every single day in our bedrooms, whether those days are happy, sad, stressed, relaxed, short or
long and that’s why I’ve always put a lot of thought and effort into decorating my bedrooms. We’re
all too aware of how sleep (or lack of) can affect our mood and our day to day life right? Yet it’s far
too easy to overlook how much our bedroom can link to our quality of sleep and therefore, how we

Imagine two scenarios. One, you wake up in a cluttered room with mismatched furniture and old,
ugly bedding, dark and dingy decor and piles of unwanted nick nacks lying around the room. Two,
you wake up in a bright, well decorated room that has your personality showing everywhere, in
freshly washed bedding and a lovely fresh scent in the air. You can already feel the difference in
your head right?! I was challenged to decorate my bedroom for a good night's sleep using the House of Fraser homeware range, and the challenge seemed to be surprisingly easy. You don't have to re-decorate your entire room and there's just a few simple changes you can make to ensure you sleep well.


Never underestimate the sheer power of a good bedding set. Okay, maybe that’s me being
dramatic, maybe it’s not. Bedding can completely alter the quality of your sleep and how
comfortable you are and that’s everything from bedding set itself down to the sheet and I feel like
this is something we’ve become all too aware of in the past couple of months in this heatwave
which has been both a blessing and a curse.

Getting the right duvet for the time of year is essential. You want two duvets in your life - one for
the winter and one for the summer. Using the same one all year round can mean that you’re (a)
laid awake in the middle of night praying for god to send you a fan in the summer or (b) wearing
three pairs of pyjamas and your dressing gown to try and get through the winter. Go for a high tog
duvet for the winter. Although they are slightly more expensive, they’re worth the investment and a
good duvet will last you a long time, especially if you’re swapping it out half way through the year
for a lighter tog during the summer. Look after your bedding and it will look after you. The same
goes for pillows. You know how much better you feel after waking up when you’ve had an actual
comfortable night’s sleep and you’ve been wrapped up in your super soft duvet like a little burrito of
cosiness? That can be dependent on the quality of your bedding and how appropriate it is for the

Also, go for a duvet cover set that is calming. In my bedroom, I go for light colours or easy patterns
that calm the mind and make the room feel much more relaxed and serene. This plain white one is
from the House of Fraser bedroom range and is a great bright base to have to throw all of your
cushions on to bring the room together.


One thing we definitely want to avoid in our bedrooms is clutter and sometimes, less can definitelybe more. Window sills that are cluttered with bits and pieces, things that don’t match…it can all lead to a messy environment which can definitely affect how we sleep. You don’t need a lot of
accessories to make your bedroom cosy if you choose wisely and you don’t need to spend on as
much as you think.

First things first - decorative cushions. Y E S. Ten out of ten, big fat thumbs up to cushions. I’ll be
honest, I have enough cushions to supply the entire North with a cushion each but I ain’t sorry
about it. I love them and this is where you can start getting a little bit creative with the patterns if
you do want to introduce some colour and print into your bedroom. I like to scatter few clashing but
complimentary prints in there - I’m especially loving this Biba Palm Tree Print Cushion from House
of Fraser. It adds a bit of our personalities into the room without overpowering it. Cushions like this
can really bring the room together and add to the relaxing and calm environment we’re creating
and it only takes three or four to really finish off the room.

When it comes to wall accessories, again I like to keep to the calming theme. I’ve got a few quotes,
a few art prints of nature and plants which definitely gives off serene vibes and I recently added the
leaf wood panel, again simple but effective. You don’t have to spend a fortune either; just adding
one or two basic pieces like this can completely change the vibes in your bedroom. It’s not about a
complete redesign but simply a re-think.


There’s no denying the fact that I am a candle addict. Can you ever have too many? Absolutely no and candles and diffusers can really help you spruce up your bedroom to sleep well. I like nothing more than walking into a room and being hit by one of my favourite scents. There’s just something about it that makes me feel super happy and relaxed, no matter how stressful your day has been. My day to day life is quite hectic and when you have a fast-paced job, there’s nothing better than coming back to a quiet, lovely scented and beautiful bedroom.

A personal favourite of mine is the Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Home Candle . You can
probably see a theme occurring here in my bedroom with all of my nature and outdoorsy vibes
can’t you? Beaches are my favourite places to go to unwind and chill out, whether it’s a tropical,
white sands beach abroad or a crisp salty air and crashing waves beach like my local, I want my
bedroom to remind me of the place I feel most at ease. I think the Jo Malone candles do this
perfectly and no matter where you like to go to relax, there’s a candle with a scent for it.

Diffusers are also great and are fantastic for ensuring a room smells nice without you having to be
there to physically light the candle. I love having a diffuser out in my room when I’m on a late shift
at work so that even though I haven’t been there, I know the room is going to smell beautiful when I
get back in there. I’ve currently got the Urban Apothecary Coconut Grove Diffuser out - even the packaging is a dream!


So I would love to be able to have real plants in my bedroom. I think plants can make you feel
calmer, ultimately making you sleep better. However, I’m not renowned for being a good plant
mum unfortunately. My working patterns are erratic, my life is very busy and often, watering plants
just slips my mind but that’s okay! Fake plants are a thing and they are a godsend. I feel they have
an unfair reputation these days because even over the last few years, the quality of fake plants has
improved massively and often you can’t even tell if they’re fake now. They bring the outdoors
indoors without giving you any extra responsibility and are also a lot more cost effective; they’re
cheap and won’t die. Even little touches like this Set of three Mini Succulents can completely
change the atmosphere of your bedroom!

Flowers can also make your bedroom feel so much more relaxed. Again, fake ones are a great
option for this because we all know fresh flowers last all of two minutes before they’re chucking
wilted petals all over your floor. However, having said this, do you not think there’s something nice
about treating yourself to flowers when you feel like you just need that bit extra pampering? Screw
waiting for other people to buy us them - treat yourself, you deserve it! I like to buy myself bunches of cheap peonies or sunflowers from the supermarket. It doesn’t have to be extravagant - just appreciate yourself and your feeling of well-being every once in a while.

There you have it - some small but effective changes you can make to your bedroom for a better
night' s sleep. Decor really does make a difference to your sleep quality and it’s far too easy
to overlook just how important it is that we feel comfortable in our own beds and bedrooms.

Head to House of Fraser’s Home and Furniture section to get some lovely new bits to upgrade your

sleeping space - you definitely won’t regret it.

Amy x


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