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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Lip Fillers: Three Years On And A Q&A

I've made it no secret that I have lip fillers and that I love me a nice set of Juvaderm injections. My lip fillers are something that I constantly get asked about and a lot of the time, the questions are repetitive and the same ones crop up time and time again. I wrote a lil blog post about fillers when I first got them way back in 2015 but that's obviously quite old now and I've now got a lot more experience with the old lip plumpers so I thought I'd do an update post teamed with some of your questions from Instagram.


As my last blog post about this was 3 years ago, I'll give you all a quick background check about my fillers and the process as I highly doubt anything I said in 2015 is still at the forefront of your minds now. So, prior to getting lip fillers, my lips were teeny weeny. My bottom lip wasn't so small but I had virtually nothing around the edges of my top lip and although my cupids bow and the middle of my top lip was quite defined, it was definitely very, very small as far as lips go. I didn't get fillers because I was unhappy with my lips but I definitely had always wished I had a poutier pout and the tingling lip glosses just weren't doing the trick anymore so I decided to give them a go.

My friend and I did a lot of research around the best clinics for this kind of procedure and we settled on The Body Detox Clinic in Newcastle. This is where I went for the first few lots of filler. I'm unsure of their price range now as I know they increased their prices after the last time I went but you'll find a price list on their website. I went for 0.5ml because I didn't want people to look at me and be like "omfg LIPS EVERYWHERE" and the difference was subtle but effective. My lips looked so much fuller right from the get go and even after the swelling went down, I was in love with them. I'll admit, for bruising and pain, the first lot was the worst and my lips swelled ridiculously, to the point where it hurt to brush my teeth or drink through a straw. I also found that the first time I got them done, they seemed to go down extremely quickly and I found myself going back for a 0.5ml top up within 8 weeks.

After the second time, my filler has been a lot longer lasting. For the last few times,  I've been to a local practitioner called Denise who runs the business Age Anew and she is incredible. I've had them done 3 times now by her and I don't think I would go anywhere else. Anyway, I've found the more I get them done the longer the filler lasts. This time, it's lasted around 7-8 months before I've noticed a difference in them going down and I'm only just now due a top up after going in January the last time. I still only get 0.5ml as I feel that getting a full 1ml would be far too drastic on my petite face and I've always preferred them to look more natural. It's all down to personal preference and I know some people who have had a lot more in who still look incred - you literally just have to make the choice based on what look you're going for.


I asked on my Instagram stories if anyone had any questions they wanted to ask me about lip fillers and the response was bigggg so I'll answer as many as I can in the next few paragraphs. If I've missed anything major out then please do feel free to drop me an Insta direct message and I'll be more than happy to answer anything that you wana know!

To be honest I think they can range anywhere from £100 right up to £500. It entirely depends where you choose to go. I think the usual price is around £180 for 0.5ml and around £250 for a full 1ml but that is entirely from my own experience and I imagine prices fluctuate a lot, particularly depending on whether you go for Juvaderm or another brand, which practitioner administers the filler, your location. All kinds of things can influence the price. However, my big big big advice is always do your research on who is injecting you and I would always advise going to a trusted medical professional. Whilst technically anyone can learn how to inject and perform the procedures, it's widely accepted that it should be by someone who is in the medical industry (i.e. a doctor or a nurse) and I've seen far too many Facebook pages offering fillers for £60 and the resulting photos are never great. It's always worth paying the right price to get the right treatment, care and experience.

Like I mentioned above, I started off going to The Body Detox Clinic in the city centre of Newcastle who I could never fault for their treatment. I would definitely recommend going to them if you live further north, particularly if it's the first time you're getting the treatment. Their clinic is really warm, clean and friendly and they were amazing with me when they knew it was my first time. I now go to Age Anew which is a company ran by a wonderful lady called Denise in the Bishop Auckland area. She uses Juvaderm and her prices start from £180 and she also does filler with long lasting effects too. I absolutely adore the shape that my lips are after getting them done and she's always super honest and patient - I would highly recommend!

None whatsoever. I think the danger with starting to get treatments like botox and filler is that your view of yourself and the way that you look can become skewed and it's easy to be very critical of yourself, leading to more filler, more botox and the fear that you'll never be happy with your appearance. I've made sure I've kept this in mind throughout my treatments and when I've thought "oh my days I need more" I've (a) looked at my before and after photos to see just how much difference has actually been made and (b) asked someone else for an honest opinion, like my Mam or my best friend. I think that because I haven't gone past the stage of where I originally wanted to be (with a natural looking pout that doesn't scream lip fillers), I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever and in fact, I'm 1000x happier now with my appearance than I was pre-filler.

I feel like because I did a lot of research on the fillers beforehand and knew exactly what I was getting into, I was prepared for them to have lifelong upkeep. I was well aware that they wouldn't last forever and that I was getting myself into a lengthy and costly habit and I was totally fine with that because the treatment was something I really wanted. My biggest tip is don't go in expecting one £180 treatment to alter your appearance forever. They are not permanent and as long as you're completely aware of that fact and of the upkeep, there shouldn't be any nasty or costly surprises later on.

I'll be honest - yes. I have a very high pain threshold and have had tattoos, piercings and whatever else and lip fillers are definitely the most painful thing I've ever done. I do use a numbing cream beforehand to numb the surface of the lips so you don't feel the skin actually being pierced at all but the actual filler being injected into your lips is a right bitch. It's a really, really intense pain for around 10 seconds but as soon as the needle comes out then the pain stops, so for me that's bearable. I know that some places give you injections of dental block beforehand so you can't feel anything that's going on at all but for me, that wasn't appealing; in my mind you're simply needlessly adding on more time and more injections that hurt anyway.

2-3 times a year, depending on how quickly they go down and how big I want them at the time. I think minimum is definitely twice a year for the upkeep. They last a bit longer if you look after them properly e.g. no sunbeds or sun bathing for a while, avoiding saunas and anything that may cause them to break down, but for me 2-3 times is definitely enough.

From my own experience, the main side effects are swelling for up to a week after the procedure, bruising for a few days afterward and a feeling of tightness in your lips for a couple of weeks afterwards. However, lumps in the filler can also develop that you may be able to massage out yourself or if they are too severe, your practitioner may be able to massage them out or dissolve the filler completely. In addition, there are also a few risks to getting filler that you should be aware of before jumping into it. Mostly, the procedure is totally a-okay but after all, it is an invasive procedure underneath your skin so there are going to be some risks. Infection is obviously one of these risks or in rare cases the filler can block blood vessels, which could lead to all kinds of health problems, although this is very rare.

Any more questions feel free to holla at me! Please bear in mind that all of this is from personal experience and that you should always consult medical advice from a qualified professional.

Amy x

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