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Monday, 7 May 2018

Buying A House: How I've Decorated and Styled My First Home

Big news: I only went and bought myself a motherfucking house didn't I? Yup, ya gal has moved up a few levels in the world of adulting and after living alone and surviving for nearly 18 months, I can finally say that I am a homeowner (or a massive in debt to the bank mortgage wanker, whichever you'd prefer). All jokes aside, there's definitely something satisfying about picking up the keys to somewhere that you officially own and of course, my favourite thing about finally owning a house has got to be the decorating and it's just liberating to be able to do whatever the f I want to the decor without worrying about what the landlord will have to say. I've only lived in the house for a month so it's not quite totally finished but I thought I'd share a little tour of where I am so far, where some of my pieces are from and what I want to do next.


The downstairs of my house is all very open plan and has literally no doors at all. The living room has an archway into the dining room and the dining room has an archway that leads into the kitchen and that's one of the reasons I loved the house so much when I first viewed it. The space is so open and airy with a big bay window at the front of my living room, with a view over the countryside and fields for miles. As with all my previous houses, I've kept all of the painting and floors quite neutral, just because (a) I like all of my rooms to be really bright and calming and (b) if I decide to change furniture or style of room in the future, then I can without having to worry about painting. My sofas are also pretty neutral in colour and style and although I love them, they are well and truly "Amy sized" and when I say that, I mean that they are the right sized for me and only me. Add a boyfriend or a couple of dogs into the mix and you find yourself hanging off the edge, looking down at the floor and holding on for dear life. They're from Sofas World, an online sofa store that I discovered when I first moved out in September 2016 and they're absolutely jam-packed full of affordable but actually really nice sofas and furniture. These were the second set of sofas I bought from them and I really haven't been able to fault them at all.

On photos, a lot of people have been asking me where my TV stand is from and after furiously Etsy-ing the shit out of TV stands and coffee tables, I was unable to find a decent one that I wasn't going to have to remortgage the house for. You may be surprised to find out that this beauty of a Hairpin TV Stand is from none other than eBay and is actually a very reasonable price considering how much this style normally costs. My dining room table is another surprising one too. As you can see, it's pretty unique and was handmade in an octagon shape with the big, chunky wooden chairs with the gothic style metal detailing. You'd think it was guna empty my bank account right? Nope, the whole thing was £150 from a seller on Shpock. I'll admit that when I first moved out I thought you had to have everything brand new and as a consequence, a lot of my stuff was cheap rubbish that fell apart straight away but now I'm more likely to have a browse on eBay, Facebook marketplace, Depop and the like and I've found some reeeeet bargains.


For my bedroom, I've gone for a bright and airy kind of vibe again. I have a big window looking out over the fields where you can see for miles and people may think I'm a right weirdo but I like to sleep with my blinds open so the sun streams in on a morning and wakes me up. I've got bits and pieces that I've collected over time for the decor in this room but my metal frame bed is from Argos and was only £130 (now down to £103 in the sale!) and matches the vibe I'm going for perfectly, being quite minimalistic but modern. Of course, I had to be that extra little bitch who wraps fairy lights around the bed because I'm just so Pinterest (*insert sarcastic eye roll*). My bedding is a cheapy set from Ikea and only cost around £15 and all of my others, including a plain white set and a palm print set, are from good ol' Primark. I never pay a lot for bedding because I'm a clumsy gal and only ever spill tea on them so I just stick with the cheap stuff and they look just as nice and aren't such a pain in the arse to replace when I inevitably ruin it. 

Accessory wise, all of my prints are from Desenio, a brand I cannot recommend enough. Most of the prints in my house are from here and I'm just obsessed with them and actually, they're much more reasonably priced than Etsy or anywhere like that. I've currently got my eye on a couple more, including this Pink Birds Print and this Time Is Now Print - they're just dreamyyy.


My office is the smallest room in the house so I've had to make the most of a small space. Like the other rooms in my house, I painted the walls a neutral, off-white colour so that the room was as bright and airy as possible and put my desk next to the window (can you tell I like to be in the sun yet?). The desk is an old one from Ikea and the chair is from Argos and although I do really like the set up, eventually I'd like to get a really dark wood desk, similar in style to my TV stand, with a big cosy chair covered in fluffy cushions. Yes, I have been Pinteresting the shit out of this for inspo but unfortunately the set up I have in mind would probably cost me a years salary so that's not happening any time soon. My wall grid is from Urban Outfitters and it's probably one of my favourite pieces of homeware that I've bought. I've covered it in some photos from my travels, some photos of my dogs and then some little postcards with quotes on that I got for a couple of quid from Etsy. I think offices need to be organised but as someone who is probably the messiest and clumsiest person who ever lived, I decided not to be too extreme cause I'd just ruin it. Instead, I've got a little filing tower on my desk (obviously not organised), a couple of baskets to put books and things in and a few cool boxes underneath the desk. A mess, but not too much of a mess that it looks rubbish and can still be easily Instagrammed obvs.

Now, my bathroom is probably the only room in my new house that I don't prefer in comparison to my old house. I loved my old bathroom with it's huge, deep stand alone bath, vintage taps and dark wood flooring and a new modern bathroom just isn't the same. That's why making it feel homely was so important with my bathroom because ya gal can spend three hours in the bath watching Netflix on the laptop. I got the little dark wood bath caddy from eBay, the gold and marble mirror from TK Maxx and the little silver stand from Wilkos. My bathroom isn't big enough to have a bathroom cupboard which obviously as a vain blogger with ten thousand different types of face cream, isn't ideal. This was my alternative and actually, I think it looks alright and I do plan to put loads of little cacti or ivy on it eventually.

Anyone who's moved house, especially moved house alone, will know how stressful it can be and although I love how it's all coming together, it's still not quite where I would like it to be. Does anyone else just torture themselves with beautiful interior photos on Pinterest?! Get me an indoor hammock and ten million palm trees right now please.

Amy x

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