Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Putting Together The Perfect Winter Outfit

Dressing casually in winter without looking like Joey from that layering episode of Friends can be difficult if you don't want to freeze to death, especially when you live right in the north where winter really does hit us and it can be hard to wear clothes that you actually like when all you want to do is put three hoodies and a pair of walking boots on. I have built up quite the impressive collection of coats over the years and I just find myself adding to it constantly but with good reason, as I think in winter a good coat can make any outfit look stylish and well put together, even if you aren't wearing the most "out there" things underneath. 





I love a statement coat for winter and this leopard print number is no exception. This is from the Amelia Lily collection with Jane Norman and I honestly think this has been one of my favourite celebrity fashion collaboration yet. The collection totally embodies Amelia's casual rock chick style, with lot's of animal print, textures and styles perfect for a Christmas party, including lot's of velvet, lace and metallics. I love Amelia's style and it's quite similar to my own so I was so excited when I started looking at it. The coat caught my eye straight away - it's the perfect easy way to add a slight touch of grunge with leopard print whilst making a statement to your outfit - I love wearing this with all black underneath and a black pom pom hat too!

I've also had a few bits and pieces delivered from Farfetch for the winter months, including these amazing boots. I spoke a couple of weeks ago about investing in certain pieces and one of those pieces was of course boots. This little pair of beauties are definitely an investment piece but I've worn them non-stop since they arrived on my doorstep and I know they're going to last and last and last. However, although they are more pricey than your average shoe, they make putting my winter outfits together just that little bit easier because they're simple enough to go with most things but still have buckles to switch it up a lil bit. Black is obviously a failsafe at this time of year for accessories and the like (soz bout it but I'm a blogger cliche) and with the hat, the bag and the boots, a simple jeans and tee outfit ends up looking fierce (yes, I have been rewatching all 9 seasons of RuPaul).

Overall this kinda look is my favourite type of winter outfit for sure. Simple but chic with a lil hint of grunge and sass. What's your go-to in this absolutely diabolical, arctic, frozen, beyond the wall weather? And no that's not being dramatic at all.

Amy x
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