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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Three Pieces Of Homeware I Can't Stop Buying

Living alone has it's perks. One of those perks is that you can leave cups of tea dotted around the house for days and there's no one there to moan at you about it. Another is that you can eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and tea without anyone judging you. Not that either of those things happen on a regular basis of course....But one of my favourite perks of living by myself is that I have complete creative control over the interior of my house. My home decor reflects me and only me and if I want to change something then I bloody well change it. In the past 6 months I've become one of those people who is constantly buying new bits and pieces of homeware for my house, moving things around, taking things down, putting things up and basically being a huge pain in the arse. There are certain things that I just can't stop buying, no matter how many different kinds, varieties or patterns I have. Is it a blogger thing? Who knows, all I know is that when it comes to these three homeware bits, I just cannot help myself. 




I have an abundance of mugs. Even when I lived at home with my parents I just bought cup after cup after cup, to the point where my mum tried to ban anyone in the house buying any more because they wouldn't fit in the cupboard. This obsession of mine has come with me into my own house for sure and I can barely close my cup cupboard because of it. I just don't think you can beat a good mug or glass in a kitchen. Don't you think that a cup of tea tastes better out of your favourite mug rather than one that you just feel a bit "meh" about or am I just weird? Sainsburys is one of my favourite places to shop for mugs and that's where the one you see featured in the photos above is from with my A initial on. They also quite often have a number of their mugs reduced and I think I got this one for £1.50 in their sale. IKEA is one of the places I got my mug sets from, you know the ones that are just plain block colours? Well they're around a quid each so I stocked up with light pink ones and I love them. From an Instagrammers point of view, mugs are essential too as you couldn't get that amazing breakfast shot without a super cute mug in right?!

I also have a habit of buying mugs from wherever I travel too. Granted, a lot of them have ended up smashed or chipped over the years but I just love buying them. I got one from Walt Disney World in September, I've got a Hedwig one from the Warner Bros Studio Tour and I used to have about four from Amsterdam from all of my stints over there but I just can't stop myself. Plus, don't mugs just make the best prezzies for yourself or for someone else?!


The second thing that I just cannot get enough of is home fragrance. I would spend every single penny I had on candles and diffusers if I really could and that's only a slight exaggeration. I completely underestimated the impact that a scent can have on your home before I lived by myself and I have a drawer dedicated to my candles that I'm waiting to use. I don't think there's anything I like more than opening my living room door and being hit instantly with the smell of the candle that I've been burning recently, especially when it's freezing cold and wintery outside; it just makes your house feel so much more "homely". Yankee Candles are an obvious choice when it comes to home fragrance but recently I've been venturing outside the typical box and trying some new brands.

Firstly, I've tried Monsoon's home fragrance and I must say I have been impressed. I have their Sea Spray and Cotton Candle and matching diffuser and they both smell incredible. I have yet to burn the candle (but take my word that the scent is strong enough to fill the room!) but I've had the diffuser in my bathroom for the last few weeks. Every time I walk in I can smell the scent and it hasn't faded into the background like a lot of diffusers do. Their candles are so pretty too that you can use the tub after for storage or decoration and that's what I've been doing with a lot of my candle jars - they come in so useful! You can shop more of Monsoon's candles here.

Another one of my favourite haunts when it comes to fragrance is TK Maxx. There's one that's very local to me and every time I pop to the supermarket I have a little nosey in TK Maxx, you know just "for a look" and come out with my arms full of candles. I got a huge one for about £12 in there the other day and it smelled glorious and filled the room with just as much fragrance as any more expensive candle. It's definitely worth a look as their candles also have the pretty little packaging too! Finally, one that I was really surprised with was none other than Aldi. I have their No.2 reed diffuser in my office and it smells incredible and although it's really budget, it's certainly not one of the ones that only smells for two minutes. It's lasted so long and is only half empty and what's more is that it looks much more expensive than it actually is so it would make a cracking gift for someone too.


I never thought that I'd be someone who changed up my home interior depending on the seasons but I've found myself spending a fortune on "wintery" pieces of homeware. You know what I mean; the thick cosy throws that you can wrap yourself up in while the frost bites outside, the little bronze stag heads or the festive bedspreads. My favourite this year has got to be Sainsburys - I got so many things from there last week ready for decorating my house for Christmas and they already have loads of little bits in their sale, just like with the mugs. My house is really old with a log burner in my living room so it's super easy to make it feel really cosy but my favourite things have been the little tree light on my mantlepiece and some of the decorations for my tree. I love the tree light because it's not explicitly "Christmassy" if you know what I mean but still gives off those cosy vibes that we want at this time of year.

Also I've got to mention my outfit for a minute here. I am obsessed with baker boy hats at the moment and this checked one from Boohoo is just a lil bit different from the usual black ones. The jumper is so cosy I want to actually live in it and although it is getting slightly nippy for bare legs, it looks a treat paired with the denim mini skirt. My watch is from Timex (which isn't so different from usual as they're one of my favourite watch brands! This outfit is just me at this time of year - cosy, comfy and laidback.

What have you been buying from your bedrooms or homes recently?

Amy x


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