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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Three Key Wardrobe Pieces Worth Investing In

When it comes to splashing out and investing in something for our wardrobe, we want to make sure that whatever we choose, is worth it. Afterall, I know that for those of you who are like me, we save and save for that one special thing that we've had our eye on, the piece that will become a staple in our style lives for years to come and when you're spending a lot of your hard earned money, you need to make sure that that piece is the right decision. For me, I always find myself gravitating back to the same three things to invest in and it's because these are things that I know will stay with me. They won't become something that's shoved right to the back of my wardrobe, forgotten about and collecting dust like so many of my impulse buys do. Investment pieces are things that we put a lot of thought into, a lot of money and hopefully, a lot of wear, so I always find my way back to the pieces that I know will serve me well.


When I think about investing and really putting some pounds into a purchase, my thoughts automatically go to my feet. Whether it's a boot, a loafer or a trainer, shoes stay with me and I never really feel the need to "update" season to season as I do with clothes. You know when it gets to the end of the summer or winter and you suddenly hate all of your clothes, you want to burn every single thing you own and start completely from scratch? Not that we're dramatic or anything. I don't feel like we get that with shoes because we just rotate them to suit our needs. I have so many boots in particular that are years old that just stick with me because they're such a foundational part of our wardrobes they come out to play time and time again.

For me, it's the boots that I love to invest in. I have my beautiful nude calf-high boots which come out for special occasions or I have my black KG ankle boots which have been my saviours on many a winters day. Farfetch is the site that has been behind most of my high-end deliveries and it's definitely the place to go for any kind of inspiration, particularly if you want to make some new discoveries in their marketplace style website. I recently came across Rick Owens, a designer which features gothic grunge, simple feminine silhouettes and pieces to form the perfect wardrobe base. Shoe wise, it's thigh high boots, chunky chelsea boots and black sliders, the kind that you can just reach for and add to any outfit to complete. These are the shoes I'm drawn to but I know that when some people are splashing the cash on a pair of booties or going out shoes, they want something a little bit different. I absolutely love these trainers from the Rick Owens x Adidas collab - they're just so edgy and are definitely something I'd over wear with dresses, dungarees and casual wear!



Number two is something I'm sure everyone will agree with. Bags, bags and more bags. First of all, we have the fact that some designer bags can be an actual, money-gaining, real-life investment (trying to sound like I work on Wall Street or something....) as they never decrease in price, only increase meaning that if you ever do come to sell you'll see a return. Putting this aside, bags are another thing I'm always willing to spend a little extra on. Of course the high street has some amazing, stylish bags and I have plenty of them in my collection but I just don't think you can beat the quality of a high-end bag, whether it's splashing out a little bit more than usual on a Michael Kors or going all-out and investing in a Chanel or a Gucci.

I have a few more high-end bags in my collection. I have a couple of Michael Kors bags including my favourite mini jet-set bag, my Mulberry fold-over clutch, my Maiyet mini messenger bag and most recently my Chloe bag. These are the bags that I can reach for on a daily basis, with any outfit for any occasion and I know they will instantly add a bit of glam and it's not only the name and the look that you pay for but the quality and the durability. I've overused, battered and absolutely stuffed my bags full of the usual gal crap (you know, tampons, ten thousand receipts, a million nude lipsticks...) and they've all stood the durability test. They'll last years, the names never falling by the wayside or the style ever becoming unpopular.

Another recent discovery bag wise of mine is Coach. I'll admit that I'd seen their bags on some of my favourite high-end fashion bloggers but it wasn't a brand I'd really paid much attention to before my trip to Florida. We had gone to the malls and had a look around the outlets and the stores and Coach was one that my friend wanted to go in. I hadn't realised how beautiful their products were until I saw them in the flesh and then recently, browsing on Farfetch. I absolutely adore their tote bags (particularly their Mercer Tote) and moving on from bags, their coats. I very nearly caved and bought the most beautiful red jacket in Florida but now I'm sitting here with buyers regret, lusting over all of their beauties on the website. I'll definitely be looking to them for my next handbag splurge...


And finally, we have the accessories. It's easy to overlook how much impact a really good hat, scarf or keychain on a bag can do but really what I'm thinking of here is a belt. Now, sadly I do not yet own a designer belt but it's definitely going to be the next on my splurge list. I see countless Instagram and street style outfits that are absolutely made by a Gucci belt or a more high-end, statement belt around something simple. For me, it's going to have to be a splurge from Moschino, if not one of their classic logo belts one of their more unique and inventive designs, like this Teddy Bear Belt. That's what I think you get in accessories from high-end brands; you either get the classic, simple pieces like the patterned scarves or the simple belts, or you get the amazing creativity and innovation from some of our most-loved and most-hailed designers.

If you could invest in anything what would it be?

Amy x


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  1. I agree! I want to invest in a new bag. I'm tired of buying cheap poor-quality bags.


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  2. I agree with all of your points!! Getting few iconic bags and shoes is such a good investment for years! I also love the outfit you're wearing in this post, it's so cool, suit jackets with studded chokers is such a cool combo!
    Kinga xx

  3. Great post! I really want to invest in a good quality bag because it's so worth it! x


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