Friday, 20 October 2017

My Top Three Key Jewellery Pieces

Jewellery is something that can totally define an outfit, particularly when you're like me and your fashion lines between casual, smart and dressy. It can dress up or dress down any piece of clothing and for me, jewellery is a really easy way to put my own twist into my looks day to day. I'm sure any regular readers will notice that I rarely leave the house without a choker around my neck, for example. I'll admit that I don't have a huge collection of jewellery but the jewellery I do have is timeless and the pieces I own are the pieces that I know will stay with me for not only seasons to come, but years to come and that's why I love Thomas Sabo; the entire jewellery brand brings us classic yet modern pieces of jewellery that will never go out of style and they really are great investments that you will not regret snapping up. For me, there are three key things you need in your jewellery box and all of these things are available in Thomas Sabo's new collections.


Did I even have to say it? Like I mentioned above, I barely leave the house without a choker or two around my neck so I couldn't resist adding another to my collection. For me, chokers completely transform an outfit, especially a quite simple and casual one like I'm wearing here. This one is Thomas Sabo's Black Lotus Choker, a beautifully simple piece that caught my eye straight away. It's got a real nineties vibe with the necklace itself being double-sided black velvet and the beading having stunning detail on the lotus. It's quite grungy too which is right up my street but the detailing also makes it rather feminine, meaning it's got my favourite quality when it comes to anything, whether it's jewellery, clothes, shoes or accessories and that quality is versatility. I've never been one of those people who wears something once or twice then lets it gather dust in a drawer somewhere so I'm constantly attracted to things that will easily fit into not only my everyday wardrobe, but also my going out wardrobe and this is the style of jewellery that does exactly that. Expect to see lots of this necklace on my blog and Instagram this season - I've worn it nearly every day since I got it!

Shop Thomas Sabo Chokers here - they have a huge amount of choice!


So I know that these days we go through a lot of different phases with jewellery and at the moment, rose gold is having its moment (and rightly so, it is beautiful!) However, I think we all need that classic silver piece in our collections that we can reach for at any time and for me, it's this absolutely stunning Dots with White Stones Ring. This is the "going out" ring that I own and along with a couple of others, it makes up what I think of as the more elegant, high-end side of my jewellery collection. However, that does not mean that it has to be expensive. This little Thomas Sabo beauty costs less than £50, a price point which I think is incredible because the ring looks so much more expensive. The stones properly glitter in the sunlight, meaning that although it's simple it's very eye-catching and when it's teamed with a LBD or something a lil bit posher, the silver is the perfect compliment. Similarly, Thomas Sabo offer a beautiful silver heart necklace in their collection if you want something more statement than a silver ring, again with a great price point for such a beautiful and lasting piece! 


Finally, we have the elegant bracelet. Admittedly, bracelets are pretty new territory for me and although I have owned one or two favourites over the years, I always found myself reaching for a watch over a bracelet. However, after wearing my charm bracelet more and more, I realised that actually, I love adorning my wrists with bracelets, whether I choose to go statement and wear a few at once or keep it simple with the one. Now this, white bracelet caught my eye immediately. The white, shining beads, the rose gold it possible that this bracelet was made for me? This type of bracelet is perfect for the Christmas parties and the festivities that happen at this time of year and the best thing is that again, although the chain and bead detail is simple, it's so elegant that it can stand alone and still be noticed. Pieces like this pull an outfit together, creating a real glamorous vibe that I've been taking advantage of on a day to day basis. Whether it's a day out shopping, a date night or just something you want to glam up a bit for, elegant bracelets will see you through, especially when it comes to Christmas! (Sorry, I couldn't get through the post without saying the C-word at least a couple of times!) 

Shop Thomas Sabo Gold Bracelets here

What are your favourite types of jewellery? Will you be buying any key jewellery pieces for the coming festive season?

Amy x


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