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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Why I Love My Kindle

I've always loved to read. I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the first time when I was just six years old and went on to go to the launches in the local bookstores of all of the ones that followed with my Grandma. I always had my head in a book and loved to escape to my own little world, surrounded by magic, adventure, comedy and everything else. My love of reading stayed with me well into adulthood and although I now don't have as much time to read as I would like but when I travel or when I sit down in front of the fire while it's raining outside, there's nothing I love more than getting stuck into a book and that's why I love my Kindle so much.

I got one of the first Amazon Kindles for Christmas when they first ever came out. Remember the classics that didn't have a backlight and just looked like you were reading off paper? I absolutely loved mine and took it everywhere with me and naturally, I got the Kindle Fire when it first came out too. I had it for years and basically ran the poor little thing into the ground but the Kindles have always been sturdy, long-lasting and well worth spending on. My old Kindle had been on its way out for a few months so when the brand new Fire 7 Tablet turned up on my doorstep, I was absolutely over the moon!

The Fire 7 is Amazon's best-selling tablet and that word is the very beauty of it - it's a tablet. Now I'm no technology buff so I understand virtually nothing about the core-processors and all that jazz but I do understand that it's so much better than any of the past models. It's much less glitchy, it's faster, smoother and the battery life is great too meaning it's perfect for slipping in your bag, whether you're going on a long travel or just nipping out for a coffee. Plus, this tablet comes in a variety of super cool colours too, including canary yellow and blue and retailing at around £50, the Kindle Fire 7 is an amazing Christmas gift for any bookworm.

Any problems I did have with my tablet were quickly resolved by the Amazon Customer Care team who were great, really understanding and fixed things right away. After having a bit of a play around with the tablet, I worked out how to use it, connected my Amazon account and synced all of my previously bought books (which is pretty damn cool if you ask me) and then downloaded all of my fav social media apps, including Netflix which was a godsend whilst on a long flight a few weeks ago. I downloaded a couple of episodes of Drag Race and ouilla! I was set for the entire flight.

The Fire 7 also now includes one of Amazon's latest and most famous creations - Alexa. Press the home button, ask questions, make commands and Alexa will do it for you. I'll admit I haven't had much time with Alexa but it's very responsive when I have tried it and I'm definitely going to experiment a little more with it! Overall, I'm really happy with my Kindle. I know that a load of people do the typical "I like an actual book" complaint but for me, I'd rather have all of my books, social media and everything else in one place, easy enough to carry in my bag, flit between books and also, spending less money overall as we all know that e-books from Amazon cost much less than ordering the hardback.

You can check out the new Amazon Kindle here.

Amy x


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  1. I am so glad I read this Amy. I am thinking in investing in a Kindle, I am not too sure whether to go for the Paperwhite or the Voyage; however I had not even considered the Fire tablet x

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