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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

What I Wore For Leeds Festival

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love festival fashion. At festivals, literally anything goes and you can literally walk around in a pair of sequin hot pants with glitter stars over your nipples and no one bats an eyelid. Now, I'm not saying I go that extreme but I just love getting creative, wearing things I don't normally get to wear on a day to day basis and just being super chilled, laid-back and, well, basically drinking and dancing in a field while doing so. I went to Leeds Fest when it was August Bank Holiday and it was bloody great. Granted, the toilets were not of the best standard (think a hole in a piece of wood where you may as well be peering into the depths of hell when you look down...) and there was some questionable behaviour from a minority of other festival goers (booing a women's rights charity who are trying to make festivals safer for girls and women is not cool in my book), but the overall weekend was amazingg and the music? Well, with Eminem, Muse and You Me At Six involved how can it not have been beyond incredible?! 

Anyway, here's the lowdown on what I wore at Leeds Fest! 

Like every festival I've ever been to, I wore my trusty Dr Martens every day and I can't tell you how great they are for festivals. They literally get through the muddiest of bogs (even around the fresh water tap on the campsites!) and even when they do get covered in mud, they still manage to look super cool and we all know the same can't be said for the poor white trainers that we always try and drag to festivals. On the first day, I teamed my pink floral slip dress (which is less than half price in the Topshop sale FYI!! Linked above so don't miss out!) with a layered white tee and my absolutely banging faux leather jacket that I picked up in the Zara sale. I feel like I've just walked out of an 80s music video every time I wear it and I think if I was going to be reincarnated as clothes (lmao) then this jacket would actually be me. 

The rose tinted sunglasses are also something I wore every day of the festival. They're from super cool Skinnydip, who not only supply us with the most Instagrammable phone cases imaginable, they also give us magical accessories for festivals. 


The second day called for something a little easier to wear in the form of a simple shorts, tee and jacket combo. The jacket (which is also in the sale right now! I'm bringing you all the bargains in this post) was something I knew I was going to take to Leeds with me because (a) it's cool as f and (b) I hate being cold and a lot of festival inspo outfits don't cover that much skin (but they look amazing) so I wanted to make sure I could keep my lil snowflake self warm. The space buns were essential after the first day because a fringe is not something that's easy to have at a festival because when I wake up I basically look like Cameron Diaz in that fringe scene in There's Something About Mary and the glitter from Gypsy Shrine just about managed to hide my greasy roots. 

For the final day, it was passive aggressive slogan time in the form of this classic Lazy Oaf slip dress. I did team it with a sheer tee and my leather jacket later on but it looked so much cool without earlier in the day and it was actually warm in the north for once on the Sunday! This dress is actually about a year old now and I've only worn it a handful of times so Leeds was the perfect opportunity to whip it out again. At home I'd normally wear this with a white tee underneath like in the first outfit as I just think it creates a super laidback, grunge vibe but at a festival, I thought the dress itself had to be the main feature.

Obviously I was covered in glitter for most of the weekend and although I've seen a lot of people throw shade at girls who wear glitter at festivals (I see you!) I don't think anyone who's having an amazing time listening to music and partying in a field really cares! I know I don't and I just wish people would let people live and stop passing unnecessary opinions on things that have nothing to do with them (such as the way girls dress at festivals!). If you are a fan, great! If you're not, also great! Just don't try and make other people feel shit just because you aren't into the same things imo!

What do you think of festival fashion?

Amy x

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  1. I got the pink floral slip dress in the sale, it's stunning isn't it?! Always love your style though to be fair :-) Glad you had a good time xx

    What I Know Now

  2. I'm actually so sad I didn't go to Leeds this year as the weather was so amazing for the first time in years! Every time I've been its bucketed it down with rain and the year I don't its so sunny! In love with all your festival fashion choices and your glitter!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  3. so cool, especially the glitter!! hope you had a great time

    Tasha x


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