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Sunday, 17 September 2017

A Sneak Peek Inside My Kitchen

So far in my house I've shown you around my living room and my bedroom but I haven't yet shown you my kitchen. As you'll have probably gathered, my house is old and when I say old, I mean old. That's what drew me to it in the first place because it has so much personality (not to mention the insane log burner in the living room!) but other than a few Instagram photos of my breakfast like the typical blogger I am, I haven't shared much of my kitchen. It's exactly how you would imagine an old, well-used, countryside kitchen to look and I absolutely love it. Yes, it's really old and no, it's not the typical style of kitchen that you'd see on Pinterest with white tiles and edgy decor, but it fits into my house perfectly and I wouldn't have it any other way.

As you can see, my kitchen wouldn't look out of place on Escape To The Country and I love it. The wooden beams on the ceiling, the brown tiled floor, the old fashioned cupboards with keys on the doors...it's no surprise that my house is so "countryside" that the other day I walked outside to find a vegetable growing competition happening on the village green outside my house (true story). I know that my style of house isn't everyone's cup of tea and I've become so accustomed to seeing the same modern style of kitchen on Instagram that I was slightly worried about sharing my own as it's so much more vintage but hey ho I love it and  that's all that matters right?! 

I accessorized with copper bits and bobs of course. My kettle is from good old Next and I also got some copper cutlery to match it. I picked up my tea, coffee and sugar pots from none other than Home Bargains would you believe!? They were a couple of quid each which is incredible considering I've seen them going for ten times that across the net so I snapped em up straight away! Like every other room in my house I've got fake plants everywhere, from huge floor plants to lavender on the shelf to sunflowers in the window. I don't know what it is about fake flowers but they just make me feel so much more relaxed, so much more peaceful and overall I just feel like they make me feel better (and sadly I don't have the dollar to keep buying fresh ones!). I've got my cookbooks on the shelves, from old pasta classics from the 80s to new and up to date blogger books (Tanya Burrs baking book is a personal fav!) and since moving into this house, I have done a lot more cooking and I think I'm actually becoming quite good *gasps in shock*. 

There are a few more things I want to do in my lil kitchen though. I do want some plants maybe putting on the walls, a few more pictures putting up and a new dining table but for the minute, I'm pretty happy! It's big enough to decorate for Christmas too so although I'm definitely not someone who waits for festive season to come round as soon as August is over, I'll admit I have been thinking about it a lil bit! 

What do you think of country kitchens?

Amy x

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  1. THis is so beautiful! I love your house and your kitchen gives such a warm and country vibe.
    To Read with Tea

  2. Your kitchen looks so inviting and cosy!

    Sara - Flemingo

  3. Your kitchen looks so cosy! I love the table and chairs set too!
    Jessica x

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  5. Oh Amy, your kitchen is stunning!! I love the little kitchen table and the, I'm assuming, brick wallpaper?
    Our kitchen is really dark, black floor tiles, black cupboards and zebra wood worktops!! xx

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