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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Four Hair Products Seeing Me Through Summer

Out of everything, my hair is something I'm guilty of neglecting. Don't get me wrong, I love a good hair mask every now and then but beyond that? I'm really bad at remembering to look after my hair on a regular basis. After being told by hairdressers and stylists a number of times that I need to start looking after my locks (and noticing myself how fricking rubbish the ends were looking), I decided to try and get into some sort of routine and discovering some products that I could really stick to. I have quite "normal" hair that's more on the thin side, wavy but knotty, hair that gets a bit flat and well, really bloody boring if I don't do anything with it. Yup, I use dry shampoo on my fringe regularly (as any one who has ever had a fringe will know is essential) and can do my hair in the odd cool plait but it really needed some va va voom, a little bit of oomph and really, some god damn TLC. So, which products have I been using? There are four main ones that have given my average hair a new lease of life and they are rightttt here in this post.

So the first one is a product that I've had hiding in my drawer for literally months that I've only used a few times and totally forgot about. It's the Marula Oil and it's something that I would never have probably picked up myself if I hadn't got it in a goodie bag from an event at London Fashion Week (I think?! Or it may have been a beauty box, I seriously cannot remember!) as I'm definitely someone who shies away from anything with the word "oil" in the name but after starting to love face oil after taking the plunge last year, I decided to finally give this a  real try.  The oil smells absolutely amazing and although I do only use it once a week or even less, it's really helped the ends of my hair feel more replenished, given it a lot more shine and has just made it feel incredible. The beauty of oil like this is that although it's quite pricey, you only need the teeniest tiniest few drops on damp hair so it'll last for a longggg time.

The next two products I've been using are from the same brand and that brand is Colour Wow, a brand that admittedly, I'd never heard of until a few weeks ago when they invited me to try some of their products but I've come to realise that they're actually a well-loved brand across the board and I can completely understand why after trying them out over the last three or four weeks. First of all, I absolutely adore their packaging. It's simple yet modern and totally on trend and their whole vibe as a brand is right up my street. I've been trying out their Coconut Cocktail Bionic Tonic and this is exactly what my hair needed. I mentioned that I was in need of some hair TLC and the cocktail is the perfect product for that as it's made to give a new "layer" to coloured and dry hair like mine. I colour my hair a lot as it fades so quick and grows pretty fast too and obviously it gets very tired, very quickly. My hair feels stronger, softer and is in so much better condition since I started using this, using it every other hair wash, sometimes even more if my hair is really needing some luuurve. I aso wash my hair quite a lot as with it being fine, it can get oily very quickly so that can also strip away some of it's life which is why I love the Bionic Tonic so much. 

I'm also guilty of letting my hair fall flat throughout the day as I simply neglect things like hairspray or any kind of putty etc. I always associate hairspray with that old crispy feeling you used to get years and years ago after coating your hair in several gallons of the stuff but of course, times have changed and hair styling has drastically evolved since those days and the Colour Wow Style On Steroids Finishing Spray proves just how much. It's the perfect way to finish off my curls and stop them dropping even in my fine hair, without coating my hair, making it sticky or crispy. After all, no one wants crispy hair do they? It's great and has been a godsend for keeping up appearances with my rock chick trademark 'do. 

Finally we have the product we all know and love - dry shampoo. This particular one is from COLAB and is their original dry shampoo and it is basically my fringe's best mate. It doesn't leave any white residue or powder on my roots, it has a lovely little scent to it and the quality of the product is brilliant for the drugstore price. I'll admit that I normally sway towards Batiste for my dry shampoo but I have been reaching for COLAB more and more over the summer of 2017.

Which products are you favourite for haircare?

Amy x


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