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Sunday, 13 August 2017

My First Trip To Manchester With Selfirdges

Manchester. A city in the north of England (well, the South for lil old North East me!) that every British person seems to know and love and surprisingly, I'd never visited the city properly until last week. I'd visited in passing for an event a few years ago and fly from the airport nearly every time I go away but I'd never had the chance to explore, to really get to know the city or for myself how wonderful I'd heard it was. Last week, I finally visited the city with Selfridges, visited the amazing store in the famous Exchange Square and had a fantastic couple of days in the notoriously beautiful city.

We started off our trip by visiting the Selfridges store in Manchester's Exchange Square and having lunch in their San Carlo Gran Cafe, an Italian-style cafe located in the Beauty Hall on the lower ground floor. After being stuck in horrendous traffic on the motorway, we were so ready for some delicious food and being the true millennial that I am, I had to order avocado and poached egg on toast from the brunch menu. It was delicious and teamed with a "hangover cure" smoothie (which I ordered despite not having a hangover, the little rebel that I am) and followed by a sorbet and ice cream berry sundae, it made for the perfect pre-shopping fuel that we needed. 

After spending some time in the cafe, we explored the huge Selfridges store in Exchange Square and it was absolute bliss for anyone who loves beauty, fashion and shopping. They have their own personal shoppers who you can book to help you find your perfect outfit or piece in their luxurious lounge, they have a Topshop and a Missguided (!!) section as well as dreamy Alexander McQueen, Whistles and so many more well loved names. I spent most of my time lusting over the beautiful bags and let me tell you I am desperate to get back down there and spend some dough on a classic designer bag. 

At 4pm, we headed down to the beauty department where I was booked in for my make-up with NARS, a brand I'm already a huge fan of. The amazing Stephanie gave me the absolutely stunning look that you see above, guiding me through exactly what she was doing so I could recreate the look myself at home, creating a face chart at the end with all of the products used and encouraging me to step outside of my beauty comfort zone and go for colour on my eyes (*faints in shock*). I was over the moon with my make-up and may or may not have taken approximately 140 selfies in the hotel room afterwards and I wouldn't hesitate to head back to both Selfirdges and NARS for my make-up or products for any occasion. The beauty department in Selfridges is fantastic too, with other brands such as MAC, Dior, Chanel and so many other well-loved luxury make-up and beauty brands. It is a blogger's paradise for sure and I could have wandered around for the entire night! 

After we'd shopped, ate and had a right nice afternoon in Selfridges, we headed back to our hotel to really see what kind of stay we were in for after quickly dropping our bags in when we arrived and oh my days I knew straight away that we'd just found my new favourite hotel. King Street Townhouse is located in the very heart of Manchester, just a short walk away from the Selfridges store, and I just didn't want to leave. We received the warmest of welcomes from the staff who were incredible throughout our entire stay and our room was beautiful, with a huge bed, a bath by the window (have you ever had a bath watching the sunset over the city? It's just as amazing as it sounds) and one of the best views I have ever seen. 
We had dinner in the hotel's restaurant, the King Street Tavern, on the evening and it was beautiful. It felt so uptown and luxurious whilst also managing to have a really lovely atmosphere too and the service continued to be incredible. I had a few "small plates" of seafood which were amazing and The breakfast and afternoon tea didn't disappoint either, with the veggie breakfast starting me off for the day. Obviously, anyone who knows me will know that afternoon tea is my thang and I'm obsessed with tiny sandwiches and cakes and I loved the afternoon tea here, particularly the scones and the raspberry macarons. YUM

However, my favourite part of King Street Townhouse was on the 7th floor: the spa and the famous rooftop pool. I'm not sure that I even need to say anything about it as the photos speak for themselves. We headed up at 8am in the morning for a swim before breakfast and it was incredible. The water was warm and with that view I think I could have easily just floated there all day in the infinity pool that looked over the city. The pool also had jets that you could turn on to turn it into a hydrotherapy pool and the steam room was just a few steps away too. I had a massage booked in and my therapist Olga came up to the pool and took me to one of the therapy rooms, where I had a full body massage that Olga tailored to me. She focused on my upper back where I get very knotted and I felt amazing afterwards. 

Overall the city itself is wonderful and I know I will definitely be back - two days just wasn't enough to experience all of the restaurants, bars and culture Manchester has to offer and as it's only a couple of hours away from where I live I really have no excuse! 

Big thanks to Selfridges and King Street Townhouse for such an amazing trip and introducing me to Manchester!

Have you ever been to Manchester? What's your favourite UK city?

Amy x


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  1. Manchester is beautiful! I'm heading back there in a few weeks and I'm excited. That pool/view looks incredible. X
    Love Vicki ♡ victoriajanex

  2. Your trip to Manchester looks amazing! I've never been but would love to visit one day :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. So many gorgeous photos, looks like an amazing trip. I love the makeup look those colours are so nice!! x

    Tash | natashatodd.co.uk

  4. Your trip to Manchester looks amazing! The bedroom, dining, bathroom, and accommodations all look first class. I love your eye-makeup in the 9th -11th photos! Scones and raspberry macarons do sound yummy. The spa and rooftop pool look amazing, and you look great in your swimsuit. The massage sounds wonderful. I've never been to Manchester or to the UK or to your side of the pond even, but it sounds and looks very inviting reading about it and looking at all of your photos!


  5. This looks amazing! I've always wanted to go to Manchester and now even more! I am in love with the last few pictures of that rooftop pool! Also, that make up look is stunning!
    To Read with Tea

  6. Aw that hotel looks amazing, such a good view! I've just moved out of Manchester and I love it when people get to explore the place and see how incredible it is. I love that sort of make up look as well, it's proper stunning!


  7. I can't believe you haven't been to Manchester, my hometown and my favourite city!! There is definitely so much more to explore, highly recommend coming back!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  8. This looks absolutely amazing! I still need to have a proper trip to Manchester. The only time I've been was just passing through super quickly. Definitely looks like they have plenty of gorgeous places to go!

    Kelly | www.kellyprincewrites.com

  9. This pool is simply incredible and I love a good bath in a hotel room scenario! You should definitely wear blue eyeshadow more often :)


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