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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Four Essentials For Decorating Your Own Home

It's universally known that one of the best things about moving out is decorating your own space. We all spent hours and hours and hours of our youths designing and decorating our dream homes on the Sims (more time than playing the actual game? You bet'cha!) and it was one of the things I couldn't wait to do when I finally moved out of my parent's house a year ago. I'd spent hours in my head thinking about what I'd have in my own house and it's absolute bliss when your plans can finally become a reality with your personality infecting every part of a house instead of only one room. My home is finally (nearly!) done and there are certain bits and pieces that I couldn't have pulled my home together without and I thought I'd write a little post with some of the finer details that have really made my blank canvas into a home that reflects my personality.

As you'll have probably noticed in virtually every single one of my interior photos, I bloody love a good plant. I'm out of the house quite a lot though and have never successfully kept a plant alive yet so I've dotted a whole host of fake plants and flowers around my home. I've especially loved this during the summer as my house has an inherent "winter" vibe with the old wood floors and log burner so having some greenery in the house has made it feel a hell of a lot brighter and fresher over the course of the summer. I have a huge variety of plants from cacti to flowers to simple green leaves and they're actually not badly priced. Some of mine were only a couple of squids from Home Bargains whilst others cost around £40 but for a plant that lives forever I think that's a pretty decent deal!

Chill Insurance are the ones responsible for me thinking about summer interiors with their #InteriorInspirations campaign and their e-book was absolutely full of ideas for injecting some summer into your home. I know that summer is almost over and we're all dying to get out the Autumn candles and the fluffy blankets but that doesn't mean we can't keep a bit of a tropical vibes in our houses and of course, the winter is all about the plants ain't it with the tree we bring inside? (I'm not saying the C word in August I'm not sorry).

I don't know about anyone else but I have an unhealthy obsession with the walls in my house. I'm always looking for news ways to spruce them up, whether that's with a new print, a bit of a paint or a statement wallpaper wall. I am a huge fan of prints and wall art as I've mentioned in a post not so long ago and my bedroom itself has very summery vibes, with a huge "Take Me To The Beach" print, floral frames and green cacti photos hanging on the wall. I love Desenio who very kindly sent me a load of prints and frames over to decorate my new house and they have the perfect pieces to add some personality and jazz to a plain wall. For now, my print collection is complete but undoubtedly it will continue to grow and grow and grow (and probably grow some more!) as I evolve the decor in my home but for now, the ones I have reflect me and my vibes perfectly.

Now, it's very easy for us these days to go neutral on the walls and I know that's what I've done so far in both of the houses I've lived in. However, I love the way bright walls and wallpaper can look, with coloured wallpaper on statement walls in the living room, bright colours in stripes in other rooms and bedrooms that truly reflect the personality of the person it is home to. With my house being very old, the rooms are quite oddly shaped compared to the simple square and rectangular rooms of new builds and I have a lot of what I think of as mini walls protruding and making furniture placement very awkward! However, in the future I'd love to turn these into mini statement walls with a little bit of a wow factor - I love the thought of this silver wallpaper in a thick stripe on my white wall behind my bed!

Decorating gives you the perfect opportunity to support small and independent brands from across the UK. Now don't get me wrong, my house is full of bits and pieces from huge, supermarket giants and most of my furniture is from ginormous home retailer IKEA but there's always room to support the smaller brands. I love buying little handmade pieces from Etsy and got a whole host of little bits including my branch jewellery holder that I use to hang keys on in my hallway, printed calendar for my office and my honey bee wall art in my living room.  I think the things you can buy from smaller and independent brands, artists and creators have a much more personal vibe and it has chance to be something that fits with your personality perfectly.

Here are a little list of some independent/small artists and businesses you might love if you're looking for a way to spruce up your home. Some of them are personal favourites of mine and others were favourites of some of my followers on Twitter so hopefully you'll find something you love!

Now, there are some accessories that truly bring your rooms together, regardless of how small or trivial they may seem. I'm talking the perfect cushion cover or the beautifully potted candle, the patterned photo frame or the tealight holder in the window. My house has a whole host of tiny little details that for me, just complete the vibes in the room. I recently added a couple of things from Rooi to my living room, including the pink and grey cushion and the Paddywax candle. I firmly believe you can never have too many cushions. They make for the perfect cosy feel (especially when winter is coming for us wildlings!) and candles tie the whole thing together with the beautiful scents they give off. I love treating myself to candles that you can keep the container of and find myself hanging onto empty jars. I either put tealights in them or simply put them on a shelf somewhere in my house and it's a great way to get your real money's worth!

So they are my essentials for when it comes to decorating your own home! I'm still making changes and adding bits and pieces here and there but it's still a lottaaaaa fun getting to choose what goes where and whether you want to change things up!

What are your essentials for decorating?

Amy x


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  1. Great post lady! Thankyou so much for including my art store 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  2. I'm moving next month to my new house for my second year, and I'll be sure to put some indoor plant and perhaps some posters to make it more like home. Thanks for your tips! <3

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

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