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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Adding Personality To Your Home With Prints

Unless (a) you've been living under a rock or (b) you're completely new to Salt and Chic (if you are then hello hello hello) then you may have noticed that I've recently moved house and have been living by myself for the last 7 months. I mean, I've only mentioned it on Twitter about ten thousand times a day or so. I moved from a new build into quite an old house and it has completely different vibes to the house I moved out of. The atmosphere in my home is different, the decor and everything is just completely new and I've been adding my personality into my little home and I'm unbelievably happy with how it looks (if you're fancying a nosy at some of my rooms you can check out my Bedroom Sneak Peek and my Living Room Sneak Peek). 

When you move into a new house, it can be kind of hard to make it feel like home. It's new, it's foreign and although you live there and it's all your clothes, your furniture and your belongings, is it really home? It definitely doesn't feel like it at first so I've been really enjoying making this house my own, especially because it's so old, so lived in and has so much personality of its own. It's truly become a reflection of me and my own traits, interests and vibes and that's mainly due to my wall art, my little home touches and my prints, some from my old house, some new additions from a relatively new but very famous and well-loved brand. 

Last week, I got a delivery from Pinterest and blogger favs Desenio, a company founded in 2010 that offers the most beautiful Scandinavian wall art that I've seen. Their website is absolutely jam-packed with original, simple and trendy posters, frames and clips and honestly, I spent a full afternoon trying to choose which pieces to order because there was just so many that I wanted to add into my home. They have geographical photos on posters, quotes, drawings, fashion pictures and a huge variety of other designs and prints, to the extent that there really is something for every home and the best thing? They're actually really bloody affordable. I've spent the last year since I moved out searching Etsy and eBay for the perfect prints yet Desenio had the exact styles of wall art I didn't even realise I was looking for. 

I chose a variety of prints for each room. For my kitchen, which is quite "country" style and very traditional, I chose a vintage herbal tea print that compliments my kitchen perfectly. It had to be tea themed because anyone who knows a thing about me will know I'm rarely seen without a cuppa nearby and the vintage poster style sits with my clock, the flowers on my table and my very old-fashioned kitchen worktops and cupboards without looking out of place. I chose a couple of quotes for around my house and the rest were all very plant or flower themed which is definitely "me" and that's what I loved about choosing my prints on Desenio; it makes it easy to add personality and pieces of yourself onto even the most blank canvas. 

When the prints arrived, I was genuinely over the moon with the quality of them. They came rolled up safely in a little box and are on thick, expensive-feeling paper that definitely gives the impression that you've spent more than you have. I also ordered all of the frames you see above with the prints and I'm ridiculously happy with them as I've had trouble finding a lot of frames I love over the last year or so. My favourite one has got to be the wooden frame on the "Breathe" quote picture - if that's not a Pinterestable print I don't know what the hell is. 

I've got quite a lot of photos, prints, frames, mirrors and a whole lotta other bits on my walls and I think they just bring rooms together, transforming them from a generic showroom to a real home with a cosy atmosphere and a hell of a lot of personality; it's my house for sure. 

You can get 25% off posters (excluding the handpicked category) at Desenio with the code saltandchic25 between 1st and 3rd August so get ordering if there's something that catches your eye! 

What do you do to add personality into your home? Have you ever shopped at Desenio?

Amy x


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  1. so cute!!! = ))))

    i invite to me too


  2. Loooooove these prints, especially the herbal tea ones - how cute!
    Jen, Velvet Spring x

  3. I jut love that herbal tea print, super cute! I've loved hearing your new house updates over the past few months Amy! x


  4. I love this prints so much. I agree that you need to add a bit of personality to your home to make it a home.
    To Read with Tea

  5. Loving these! I'be been eyeing up so many on Desenio recently!


  6. I absolutely love looking on Etsy for custom prints, it's great to support artists too! X
    Love Vicki ♡ victoriajanex

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