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Friday, 28 July 2017

Making Your Wardrobe Versatile

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for the colour black. No matter how many black dresses, jumpers or jeans I own, I'm constantly drawn to buying even more and I know I'm definitely not alone in this. For me, black is just an easy colour to go to; it's easy, it can be casual, smart or dressy and a lot of the time it just feels right. However, if there's one thing I'm constantly drawn to, it's black dresses. I wouldn't even like to hazard a guess at how many different styles of black dresses I own (it may or may not be in double figures for sure...) but my one "essential" has got to be the little strappy LBD. 

The most recent addition to my ever-growing collection of LBDs is this lil beauty from Nicce. They sent over this essentials dress and challenged me to style it in three completely different ways to show you guys just how versatile these numbers are and since I am literally the queen of wearing, re-wearing and re-re-wearing (is that a thing?!) every piece in my wardrobe, this was the challenge made for me. 


I think the most obvious way to style a LBD is this way. The classic going out look. And why the hell not? It's sleek, it's classy, it suits anyone's style...ultimately, it's a going out failsafe. So although I'm one of those weirdos who overdresses for casual occasions and underdresses for formal ones, for this outfit I think I actually managed to get it spot on for a night out! Teamed with dainty jewellery and some killer nude heels, the strappy, bodycon style of the dress makes for a babe'ing look for any occasion worth dressing up for. 


LBD's like this are made for layering and that's what makes them so fabulously versatile. In a total contrast to the above outfit, this one is perfect for a day out shopping, a trip to the cinema, even a day just lounging about if you so wish. The dress is insanely comfortable by the way which is always a plus because as we are all well aware, comfort and fashion don't often come hand in hand. A white tee, some beloved and well-worn Converse and an oversized, customised denim jacket later and the entire dress is transformed into a totally new look, giving off casual grungy vibes instead of the classy, formal ones of before.

The white tee is from Zara and although it only cost about a fiver, it's been one of my favourite buys of the summer, again because it's just so bloody versatile. I constantly wear it underneath different jackets or dresses and it's become such an essential for me that I went back out and got the black one too. A boring buy? Yes. But worth it? Hell yes.


Finally we've got the ultra relaxed, super laid-back side of the LBD, layered with a high neck slouchy jumper and slip-on leopard print shoes. This is probably my favourite look out of them all to be honest and definitely fits my personality the most but I do think it's the style that people are least likely to go for when they think of the LBD. It's easy to wear every day, comfortable and still cute as f, contrasting the traditional views of the little black dress that come to mind naturally. 

The Nicce Essentials Dress comes in at just £28 so it is an absolute bargain! I'm an investor when it comes to clothes and I'm certainly not one of those gals who buys something to only wear it once or twice. I still have things in my wardrobe that I've had for literally years and although I'm not into following trends down to the letter, even those of you that are can wear a piece like a black dress over and over again. 


*Oversized Denim Jacket (similar) 

Do you have different ways to style the same item? How would you style the LBD?

Amy x


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  1. All versatile pieces. Love it!



  2. I absolute love the look of the jumper on top of the dress - it gives it a whole new look! xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Love this dress with the sweater!


  4. A LBD is so versatile! I personally love them, since they are so versatile and easy to wear. Very much Laid-back chic haha <3

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

  5. Ooo these photos are gorgeous! Love this concept xxxx

  6. this outfit is best awesome and the denim dress you are looking fabulous.
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