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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Latitude Festival Lookbook

My third festival has just been and gone and let me tell you that it was my favourite one yet. I spent the entire weekend just absolutely feeling free, with a drink in my hand, glitter on my face and not a care in the world and for me, that's what festivals are all about. Latitude 2017 was bloody incredible. I'mma write a whole blog post about what Jess and I got up to over the weekend but for now I'm going to give you a lil look at what I wore for the weekend. Animal sorted me out with some wonderful bits and pieces for the festival (a brand that is perfecto for festival style may I add) so hopefully I'll be able to give you a little bit of inspo for your festival packing this summer! 


My style is quite grungy as it is but festivals are an excuse to go all out with whatever the hell you want to wear. I think festival style can be quite daunting because typically it can be very extravagant and in reality, I guess it is. But that's nothing to be frightened of and in fact it means it's your chance to dress however you want, as big and bold as you want, or as simple and understated as you want. Literally anything goes at a festival. Cover yourself in glue and roll around in glitter and no one would even bat an eyelid. 

For my first day's outfit, I chose this rock chic number. Black shorts or the Leyla skirt (now in the sale FYI!), clunky Dr Martens, fishnets and layered on top, this is my go-to festival look. It's summery but still warm enough to enjoy yourself (uh huh, warmish and stylish I went there) and also, it's practical. My style is also not too over the top so I've still kept it pretty simple with the odd splash colour, slogans and obviously some glitter on my face which proves that you don't have to go totally extravagant if it ain't your thing. 


Saturday was probably my favourite outfit of the entire festival. Plaits? Check. Glitter? Check. Tassels? Check. Super cute summer dress? CHECK. For me, this ticks all the festival boxes with it's girly meets grungy vibes and the colour of the dress is just beautiful. The Sun Worship Dress is true to it's name and made me feel like a lil sunflower prancing through the field and the beauty of buying this kind of dress is that it's not exclusive to festivals and I'm certainly going to be taking it on my holidays with me this summer. I'm a huge fan of cute dresses like this with big chunky boots but the fact is that it's such a versatile dress. Team with sandals and a flower garland for a cute and girly festival look or with flip flops and a load of bracelets for a surfy one - the possibilities are endless. 

Dr Martens are my footwear saviour too. They saw me through my first festival way back when I was 17, right through my trip to Iceland and up until Latitude last weekend and they're still going strong. They have undoubtedly been my smartest purchase way back all those years ago and although they are quite expensive to splash out on, they are completely worth every penny. 


For me, Sundays are the dress down day at a festival. You've partied, you've slept on the ground in the middle of a field for a good few nights and you absolutely stink (c'mon admit it, we all do after a festival!). I always want something a little bit more casual so the denim pinafore, boots and lace top are the perfect combo. It had been spitting on to rain for the day before so the Nia jacket had to come out. This coat totally embodies the vibes that I get from Animal and it's one of my favourite pieces they sent over for the weekend. The khaki colour and the embroidery give off such a relaxed but stylish vibe and it was such a good piece to just throw over anything, especially when we were just sitting outside the tent or having a little wander. By this point my hair was hadn't been brushed in four full days, my fringe was everywhere and no matter how hard I tried to keep my little plaits in they just couldn't be saved. You just gotta embrace it by this point! 

Another absolute essential was the Burst backpack - the walk from the car to the campsite is not nice. In fact, it's actual hell. When you feel like Buckaroo with all the luggage on you, your tent hanging off your shoulder and everything spilling everywhere, a backpack is a godsend. This backpack actually fit so much in too, it was great!

Watch out for my Latitude blog post coming this weekend too to see what we got up to but for now check out Animal's website for some amazing festival bargains in their sale!

Amy x


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  1. Absolutely in love with these looks! I love the yellow dress and the black biker jacket in the first two looks brings the looks together so well!x

    |Georgia Megan|

  2. I love all of these looks especially your Sunday outfit! I think the lace top makes the outfit look a lot more put together and you wouldn't have thought you have spent the weekend partying and sleeping on the floor for two nights :)

    Yasmina | The July Journal

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