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Monday, 10 July 2017

Getting Ready For Lattitude Festival

Festival season is well and truly in full swing and this is one of my favourite things about British summers. There's nothing quite like sitting in the probably awful weather with your mates, a can of whatever in your hand, in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere listening to your favourite type of music. Last year I went to Y Not Festival and a few years previously, it was Download festival and this year, I'm kicking off my summer with a weekend at Lattitude Festival with Animal and I am so excited! The headliners are Mumford and Sons and the 1975 (*screams*) so it's safe to say I'm fit to burst with joy right now. I've never been to Lattitude before but I've heard it's magical with comedians, sheep and woodland walks - does it sound like the Instagrammer's dream or what?!

Admittedly, although I absolutely love festivals, I am a little bit of a princess who enjoys home comforts so when it comes to camping gear, I have to make sure it's two things: (1) easy to assemble (putting a tent up in the pouring rain when you're in a huge sulk with yourself is not the one) and (2) it has to be good quality. Vango very kindly sent over some of their camping gear to get us set for a weekend of living in the wild outdoors, including their Rock 300 tent which is absolutely made for summer festivals. I actually used the very same tent last year for Y Not Festival so I'm hoping that we'll be slightly more experienced when it comes to putting it up in the pouring rain! My favourite thing though is the Bluetooth Lantern. It's so easy to forget how bloody dark it can get on a night on the campsite (fumbling around in the pitch black after a few bevs trying to get into your sleeping bag is not the one). You can recharge this lil wonder in your car too so it's super easy to keep it lit if you're driving to your festival like me!

I don't want to show too much of the clothes I'm planning to take to Lattitude because I am planning a lookbook style post after the festival so I'll just give you a lil sneaky deaky peek for now. Obviously Animal are an absolutely perfect brand to turn to for festival fashion with their laid back, free spirit vibes and their adventurous history. My favourite piece I'm taking with me is undoubtedly this Sun Worship Dress - it's going look amazing in the sun, rain or whatever other crazy weather the British summer decides to throw at us over the weekend and not only is it going to look fab with my boots, it'll be amazing for holidays and the rest of the summer after I get back. I'm also loving the Black Leyla Mini Skirt too; with fishnets and a band tee it's a festival worthy buy for sure.

Animal also very kindly sent over the perfect festival kit to get me ready for my weekend and would ya just look at how blooming cute it is?! I've got everything I could need for a few days without my home luxuries, from pom-pom hairbands (obv a festival essential), glitter (an absolute essential no questions asked) and the magic in a bottle that is dry shampoo. I've also got some pretty cool Sleek make-up here too, from the highlighting palette and the Snapshots palette which is a dream for creating bold and kooky looks for a festival.

I'm going to be posting every day on my own Instagram and on my Twitter so make sure you're following me - there'll be lots of vids of the bands on my Insta stories!

Amy x

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