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Friday, 16 June 2017

Three Items To Pack For Your Next Festival

So I have a couple of festivals planned for this summer (which I am SO FRICKING EXCITED for!) and although I haven't got my whole wardrobe sorted for the both of them, there are a few items that I know will most definitely be finding a way into my oversized backpack! I love festival fashion because literally anything goes. I've seen people in the brightest, most bizarre outfits from people dressed in tutus to people dressed as babies and no one bats an eyelid so festivals are the prime time to really express yourself and just go all out.

Daring? Yes. Sassy? HELL YES. Underwear as outwear is something that I am totally here for. I mean, what's the point in having sexy af underwear if you ain't going to show it off? I love wearing cute little bras under sheer tops or having a cheeky flash of it showing through a side split but what really looks amazing is a body like this one from Fleur of England. This is their new Rebel Body as whilst it does look super hot as underwear, I love it way too much to hide away. Layering underwear is a sure fire way to create a super sassy, super fun look for a festival and I've gone for some shorts, a sheer top and I'll be adding some boots and a lot of accessories (and obviously most likely a raincoat).

Fleur of England's underwear is absolutely stunning and I'd love to completely fill my entire underwear collection with their pieces. I've got my eye on this gorgeous Ophella Plunge Bra next! 

Jeans are something that I think should be in every festival suitcase. Obviously it would be ideal if we could all prance around without a worry in the world like they do in Coachella but this is England after all and if you're at a festival you are pretty much guaranteed to get torrential rain, a thunderstorm or two and probably the worst weather of the summer. It is British festival law. That means it's likely going to be a bit chilly especially on a night so I love a pair of statement jeans which are (a) practical and (b) cool enough for a festival. Think sequins, rips, embellishment, embroidery or basically anything that makes a pair of jeans more than just a pair of jeans.

I especially love this pair of Bleach Split Front Boyfriend Jeans - imagine them teamed with the Fleur of England body with some fishnets underneath!

The third and final piece that you most definitely need to pack for your next festival is the classic camo jacket. Obviously with the weather in the UK, you need to make sure you pack something that is versatile, can go with most outfits in your bag and will keep you a little bit warm on a chilly summer evening while dancing in a field. This utility jacket is from Maniere De Voir, a English brand committed to bringing us high quality fashion and this little piece is perfect for the festival season. Not only will this type of jacket see you through the festival weekend, but it's wearable outside the festival bubble too. With jackets like this, I love customising them by adding a few badges or iron on patches just to make them a little bit more unique - try Punky Pins for some really, really cool and affordable ones! 

What would your go to festival items be?

Amy x


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  1. Love this look!


  2. Oh love the sheer layering in this outfit, it works so well! I might jump on this who underwear as outerwear idea! x


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