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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Get The Look: Dewy Skin

This summer, dewy skin is back so all of us oily skinned gals can breathe a sigh of relief - the shine is officially in. Don't get me wrong I love a good matte look but for summer, we want something a little bit more natural, a little bit lighter and a little bit more glowy and that's exactly what this make-up look is all about. I've teamed up with Fragrance Direct to show you how to easily achieve a dewy glow in day to day life and to bring you the best products for doing so too. 

So starting with moisturised, clean skin, begin with the primer. Now, I've strayed away from my usual mattifying, pore-hiding primers here and used the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer, a product full of nourishing ingredients which will give you the most wonderful base to work with without taking away the skin's natural shine. 

For the complexion, I tried a completely new product here and I fell in love. I've said before that foundations are something that I'm very picky with and I do tend to stick with what I know but here, I've used the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base Foundation in the shade Cool Extra Fair for my vampire skin. I had absolutely no idea that Joan Collins had a beauty line so I couldn't wait to try out her products and I had very high expectations that were most definitely fulfilled! The make-up is designed to work for women of any age, whether you're in your early twenties like me or in your eighties and the luxurious feel to the packaging and the product itself captures Joan's personality perfectly. The foundation itself is a light, creamy formula and whilst it isn't heavy on the skin at all, I'd still say it was medium-full coverage, making it perfect for people like me who have less than perfect skin but who still want to be able to create the "natural" dewy look. It's a foundation that lasts all day without oxidising or melting off my face (hurray!) and it most definitely creates a natural but flawless finish. 

For my concealer, I stuck with my Urban Decay Concealer but Fragrance Direct also stocks the Joan Collins Fade To Perfect Concealer to match the foundation to create this type of dewy look. 

For my brows, I went with quite a natural shape using the Lord & Berry Magic Eyebrow Pencil. The pencil isn't like anything I've used before for my brows as it's two toned, made for getting that natural look we're going for. I drew around my natural eyebrow shape with the pencil, filled them in without going over the top and then blended them out with the brush on the other end. I also brushed up the front of my brows (don't worry, not to the extremes of that weird butterfly brow trend) just to make them slightly bolder. It's been ages since I used a brow pencil but it was actually quite refreshing and it's much easier to build up rather than going straight in with the slugs like I normally do!

Now onto the biggy for the dewy skin - the highlighter. Anyone who knows me knows I ain't happy until you can see my cheekbones shining from across the street. Hell, I want spacemen walking on the moon to be able to look at earth and see my cheekbones gleaming in the sun. So to get my glow on here, I used the Lord & Berry Luminizer and it is incred. It's a really creamy, satiny texture with a subtle but build-able shimmer and I blended this onto the top of my cheekbones using a small fluffy brush until I was happy with my glow. I love this kinda product because it doesn't make your face look like a discoball unless you build it up yourself meaning that those of you who want a more subtle highlight can simply dab it onto your face.

To keep the glow on your face, I would try and avoid any mattifying powder. I know, I know, it's very hard when you have oily skin and are very aware of it but it's best to keep the glow as much as possible. Just use a tiny brush to add some powder onto any blemishes to set the foundation or on any real problem areas (mine is my chin so I added a tiny bit there) but lay off if you can! 

Another product I used here was the Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara, a new addition in my make-up box that I've been loving. The brush is quite big to really lengthen and thicken lashes and it's very hardwearing and doesn't smudge at all. I never ever wear false lashes so mascara is a biggie for me and I think you can see just how good it is by my lashes here.

So there we go - my take on this summer's dewy make-up look. You can check out the Fragrance Direct Make-Up on their website - they have so many great brands and products you'll be spoilt for choice! I didn't even realise that Fragrance Direct did make-up until a few weeks ago so definitely check them out and see what they have on offer! 


Amy x


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  1. Your skin looks amazing babe <3 xxx


  2. You are honestly so gorgeous! All of the makeup looks amazing on you.


  3. This highlighter is soooo beautiful! Love this look! xo

  4. You look stunning omg and highlighter is my holy grail when it comes to makeup now!


  5. Your skins looks so gorgeous! ♥


  6. This is such a lush look.. I am really loving the highlight-rave right now!


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