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Monday, 12 June 2017

Admitting And Embracing Your Flaws

I'm an incredibly self-conscious person. I may not seem it considering I spend most of my spare time either (a) posting photos of myself on the internet or (b) posting selfies on snapchat but in fact, I am well aware of my flaws and constantly pick my appearance apart. Sometimes I think with the very heavily filtered lives we see on Instagram (and obviously I'm very guilty of that too as is nearly everyone on the platform), it's easy to critique ourselves and get hung up on what we perceive our "flaws" to be. For me, it's my teeth and my skin that I'm most self-conscious about. Don't get me wrong, I know I don't have terrible skin but like most human beings (unless you're blessed with some kind of otherworldly skin amazing-ness), I get spots and in particular I get nasty under the skin hormonal spots around my chin and jawline. This bothers me more than I really want to admit but recently I've been thinking - why? Why do we let these things bother us so much when they're perfectly normal? Why do we get so hung up over these "imperfections" and get upset about something that really, means nothing? 






In the world of Facetune, filters and Instagram-perfect bodies, it's very easy to forget that every single person to walk this earth has things they get hung up on. Yep even those flawless models in the beauty ads and the beautiful bloggers posing in the streets of Chelsea who also get spots and have wonky teeth and whatever else you can think of that seems to be an imperfection. These are not flaws, not things to hate our bodies over and are in fact just part of being a living, breathing human being. It is of course much easier said than done to ignore your flaws but I've come to realise that the more we obsess over them, the worse we feel and really, we're our own worst enemy. If it's not my skin or my teeth I'm thinking about it's my lips or my weight or my height or my hair or my nose or anything else our mind conjures up that's wrong with us. But that's it - there is nothing wrong with us and as soon as we accept our own "flaws" and stop picking other people apart for theirs (we've all seen the horrific comments left on people's photos pointing out things that are "wrong"), we'll become much happier in our own skin. 

As for my outfit here, this is probably very reflective of how I normally dress in the summer. I love light, easy to wear trousers like these culottes which I actually picked up last year in Zara. I'm planning on taking these on every trip I go on this summer because they're just so versatile but also so chic and of course, they're stripes and we all know how much I love a good stripe. In fact I think of these as my Beetlejuice trousers and that just makes me love them even more.

My t-shirt is probably similar to styles you've seen around quite a lot recently thanks to the corset over top trend and it's definitely a love or hate it type of look. I happen to love it and have bought numerous tops and dresses in the same style because for me, it fits right in with my personal style. I have seen it described on social media as "the worst trend of all time" but hey ho, you gotta just wear whatever the f you want don't you?!

Amy x

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  1. Love this look so much, you look amazing!xx

    Lucy | lucy-cole.co.uk

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