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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Three Easy Ways To Change Up Your Summer Style

The changing of the seasons is the time I struggle with my wardrobe the most. You know when you open the doors, look at all of your jumpers, coats, long sleeved tops and everything else non-summer related that you can think of and just internally (or externally if it's a really bad day) scream about having no clothes? Yep, that happened to me when we got this very nice but very un-England like heatwave over the past few days. It's too easy to fall into a style rut at this time of year but I have a few simple and perhaps obvious but overlooked tips for changing up your style and feeling great about your summer wardrobe. 








STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Yeah I get it, this one is both obvious and easier said than done and I get that not everyone wants to step out of their comfort zone with fashion and that is totally fine. However, just trying a different colour or a different length or a different pattern can do wonders and actually, make you realise that hell yes you can pull that totally daring thing off that you wouldn't have looked at before. This absolutely beautiful dress from Ziztar would have once been out of my comfort zone, back in the day where I stuck to the same styles and the things that weren't as eye-catching. This unstructured beauty draws everyone's attention with the pattern, the vintage style skirt and the very unique top half with the frill and the exposed shoulder and for me, this is going to become my perfect summer staple for the days like this. 

Ziztar is an amazing brand absolutely packed with unique and beautiful pieces like this and I actually have another dress from the coming your way soon so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

USE ACCESSORIES. Accessories can totally change up an outfit and transform the way a piece looks. A thick belt, some oversized sunglasses, some statement jewellery...accessories mean that you can change your vibe for the summer without actually buying new clothes. I love going places like Primark and looking on Etsy for some really unique and edgy accessories that aren't going to break the bank - Primark have some amazing chokers for just a couple of quid and some great ring sets too. I have my eye on one of those double buckle Western style belts but they're always so pricey - can I justify it?!

DRESS ONLY FOR YOU. My mistake used to be buying into trends too much and trying just way too hard to like trends even if they weren't me at all. As I got more confident with style and found my own feet, I realised that trends are bloody meaningless. If you don't like them, you don't look any worse than someone who follows every single one down to the tee and the same applies vice versa. If you like something, bloody wear it and don't think that it's "unfashionable" or "unflattering". Dress however the hell you want and screw what anyone else thinks. Those articles that tell you that certain sizes shouldn't wear certain things or certain shapes should dress in a certain way? Basically, ignore them. Style is all about self-expression so who cares what's "in" this season when you like something?

What's your top tip for changing up your style?

Amy x

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  1. Yesss - Dressing for you is definitely the most important thing about fashion! Fashion is definitely an expression of your personality and I like to let this shine through my outfits. Loving the unique style of this dress, such a staple piece and you pull it off so well!

    Toni x

  2. This dress looks amazing! And I loved reading your tips - so good to get a reminder because I pretty much give up on trying to look good as soon as the hot weather starts D: x

  3. I love this dress, it's gorgeous and you look amazing in it! Totally agree about dressing only for you, I never buy anything if it doesn't suit me or I don't feel comfortable in it even if it's a trend everyone is raving about!
    Amy xx


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