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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Supermarket Chic: Nutmeg at Morrisons

I'm the furthest from a clothes snob that you could imagine and although I love a good designer bag or a pair of ridiculously expensive shoes, the label on what I wear just does not bother me in the slightest. However, one place I never thought to shop was the supermarkets because, well, I just didn't consider them to be fashionable in the slightest. I think I still had that quite outdated and automatic thought that clothes from the food shops were frumpy, old-fashioned and just not fitting with my style at all. Well, I've been totally slayed by Morrisons and their brand new Nutmeg range and I still can't quite believe that nearly this entire outfit is from them.


As soon as I saw this beautifully laid-back two piece in the Nutmeg lookbook I knew it had to be mine. It's exactly my style with the stripes, the casual-smart mash up and the chic feel and you'll never believe the price...£34 for the blazer and the trousers. Yup you read that right; a beautifully made smart casual two-piece for under £35. Can I get an amen for Morrisons please?! The pieces in the range start from just £3 and they're actually all really modern and on trend pieces which I think is exactly what we've needed from supermarket clothing brands. Nutmeg's Women Collection is an accessible and affordable range that caters for all styles, sizes and ages, giving us stylish summer essentials on a budget, something which I feel we all crave. 

I teamed the grey coord with my now trademark grungy black choker, favourite chic Michael Kors mini bag, some simple rings and my Gola trainers, overall creating a wearable smart-casual look. I love modern looks like this and feel that they really embody my personal style without going over the top for day to day wear. Also, have you guys noticed I've had my fringe cut back in?! My forehead has felt absolutely naked without it so I'm very pleased to have it back on my face! 

The Nutmeg Women's Collection is available from Morrison's stores. Find out which is your nearest Nutmeg store here

Amy x

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