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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Smile To The Earth: Little Things That Make Me Happy

Wait, am I really about to talk to you about smiling? A blog post with the word "smile" in the title coming from a blogger that has never ever been known to smile in photos? I promise you that in real life I am definitely a more smiley person than on the internet despite the fact that when I'm not smiling and when I'm in my own little world, I have the biggest case of resting bitch face you have ever seen. I especially become a smiley lil bean when I'm wearing clothes that make me feel happy and is this Ziztar dress not the very epitome of happiness?! 

The dress is called the "Smile To The Earth" dress and it's all about smiling back at the beautiful things the world has to offer and I love it. The sequin globe and flower on the plain black denim make it my ideal summer dress and I can see me getting a lot of wear out of this! I basically want every single dress on the Ziztar website because they're all so up my street - it's like they were actually made for me! I've especially got my eye on this stunning Mystic Treasures Embroidered Dress - can you imagine how amazing it would look with some black ankle boots and a thick choker? 




Anyway, wearing what I've been calling the the happiest dress in the world got me thinking about the little and the big things that make me happy so I thought I'd list them all in this post. They're just the things that make me get that little warm feeling inside and the things that brighten even the crappiest days just a little bit.


When you make a perfect cup of tea 

The smell outside after it just poured with rain

The feeling when you wake up with your dog cuddled into you 

When you spot a cloud that's shaped like something rude

Being woken up naturally by the light instead of by an alarm

Long bubble baths 

When you check your bank account and have more money than you thought

The feeling on Christmas Eve just before everyone goes to bed

Sharing a bed with someone you love 

RuPaul's Drag Race marathons 

When your takeaway arrives before the predicted delivery time

Boarding the plane to go on holiday 

Getting your hair played with 

Cracking your back 

When something is so funny that you can't breathe for laughing 

Unexpected late night drives 

The pink blossoms that bloom on the trees in Spring 

Photos of Tom Hardy holding dogs

What makes you happy? Comment below and keep adding to the list!

Amy x

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  1. Lovely dress, I've never heard of Ziztar but looks lovely! I completely agree with all of these, especially when a takeaway arrives early, checking your bank account and basically anything Tom Hardy! haha

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

  2. Cutest dress ever! Haha photos of Tom Hardy holding dogs is definitely on my list too <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  3. Any photo's of Tom Hardy, but especially ones when he has no shirt on ;) xoxo

  4. such a cute post!

    yay to happy!


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  6. Girl our lists are so similar, especially Drag Race marathons and Tom Harding holding dogs haha! This is such a cute outfit too, love that shirt dress <3

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