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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Pressure of Regular Blogging

I'll admit, these past few weeks have been tough for me. If you're a regular reader, you may have noticed a distinct lack of posts compared to my usual four or five a week; I've barely even posted on the Gram or tweeted my whinging thoughts and that is just not like me. The truth is, I've been stuck. Stuck in a rut and because of this, I've found myself having a distinct lack of motivation and when coupled with a creative block, this can make for a blogging disaster. 


I'm not a full time blogger and I'll admit that recently I've been struggling. Along with personal issues and working an insane amount of hours at my incredibly stressful day job as well as trying to maintain a half decent social life, I've simply fallen behind. At first, I'll admit I panicked. I felt this need to post on Instagram and on my blog and in all honesty, I stressed the fuck out about it. I just couldn't find the time and the things I was posting, well, they weren't my usual standard. I had emails coming out of my ears, piles of photos to edit and it was all resting on my already quite fragile shoulders and teamed with no sleep and a lot of stress, it all got on top of me. That's when I realised how much pressure we as bloggers put on ourselves. Working full-time jobs as well as blogging, which is in itself a full-time job, is fucking hard and you know what? It's okay to take a break. The blogging world is so competitive and there's so much pressure on us to be a certain way, to have polished, magazine-esque photos, to post every day, to schedule tweets and to get 1000 likes on each Instagram photo, we feel this indescribable guilt every time we fall behind. 

Having a break and admitting you need some time off is not a bad thing and it doesn't make you a bad blogger. I know that all I needed was a few weeks off from emails, from photos, from editing and everything else blog related and I can't describe how much better I feel for it. Instead of getting in from a 9 hour shift to do more work and more work and more work, I've laid on my couch with my fire lit watching endless episodes of Ru Paul's Drag Race and it was totally needed. I'm nearly ready to resume normal Amy hours, snapping my life away and tweeting the hilarious things that happen to me on a daily basis and I can only apologise if you've been wondering where I am! We really need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and realise that it's okay to take a break - the blogosphere will still be here when you get back!

Amy x

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  1. Omg I love everything you wear! Looks so edgy also love your cami dress so much!


  2. It is incredibly important to take breaks especially when you feel like this! You will only end up posting content that isn't your normal standard which will stress you out even more...take some time as you say it will all be here when you're ready :)


  3. I've done exactly the same the last couple of weeks and also work full time as well as blog! it wasnt planned but just felt like i just needed time without stressing over scheduling in time to shoot and putting outfits together. its got me thinking though about my content, alot of even the "bigger" bloggers dont post that often so perhaps in a way less is more and its important to take more time for me to just do me things?! I dunno! looking forward to seeing your new posts though, as soon as your ready! :) www.sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Love this, and I love your outfit! Take as much time as you need.


  5. I love this post and can completely relate. The blogging world is in its self in a world of its own and taking a break really and truly helps to put your mind and body in the right frame. People sometime tend to focus more on posting stuff just for the sake of likes and not for the content worthiness. :-)

  6. This is so true! We all need a break sometimes! xxx

  7. Oh, Amy I'm so sorry to hear that you've been stressed lately---I hope things have gotten better since then! You're looking killer though, babe~ Feel better, flower <3
    She Will Be

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