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Sunday, 23 April 2017

De-Stress With Seaham Hall

It sounds like such a cliche but one of the best ways to unwind is a trip to the spa. I know what you're thinking; "duhhh Amy that's what spas are for" and I know that but I think sometimes people don't realise just how much good they can do. Seaham Hall is one of my favourite places to go in the North East and you'll probably remember my post a few weeks ago about their Duchess of Bedford Afternoon Tea (if you love a bit of tea and cake you must try it!) and this time, my friend and I headed over to their Serenity Spa to try out one of their new April packages. 

I spoke in my last post about how stressed I've been recently so when they invited me along to try their De-Stress Package, I knew I absolutely needed it. For £99, you get full access to the spa and it's absolutely incredible facilities (I've visited many spas over the past year and Seaham Hall is always the one I go back to!), a 60 minute relaxation massage and access to fitness classes such as Thai Chi and Yoga. Take my word for it, less than £100 for all of this is an absolute steal for such a relaxing day in one of the North East's most popular spas and although I did take my phone to take some snaps, the Spa recommends you leave your phone at home for a digital detox too, something which you should never underestimate the importance of! 

The Serenity Spa lives up to its name as soon as you walk through the doors with the tranquil atmosphere and welcoming homemade lemonade. We headed straight for the pool which is my tip top favourite place in the whole spa because it's just so warm. The water is absolutely lush and I could just float around in it all day to be honest. We relaxed around the pool and flitted in and out of the jacuzzi and the sauna and spent a bit of time in the outdoor jacuzzis. Last time I was at the Serenity Spa, it was heavy rain so I didn't get to go in them as much as I'd have liked but this time it was absolute bliss to sit in the hot water with the (very deceivingly cold) sun beating down on us. 

I went for my massage halfway through the day before lunch and oh boy was it needed. My therapist welcomed me into the room and asked if I had any problem areas so when I explained I suffered with really bad knots in my upper back, she said she'd work on them especially using the muscle oil. The 60 minutes went over way too quickly (may or may not have half-dozed off at point!) and my therapist was amazing. She really worked on the knots in my shoulders and back, popping out the tensions and afterwards, I felt like a whole new person. I really need to go for regular massages because my back can get so bad and they do really help not only physically, but mentally too. Last time I was at Seaham Hall, I tried their Ytsara Facial (which I loved) so it was great to experience one of their other treatments! After my treatment, I was brought to the Zen Room with heated beds, a beautiful view and some delicious sorbet to finish of the treatment (and it's the best sorbet you will ever taste!)

So we finished off our spa day with food in the Ozone restaurant, something I was looking forward to allll day. We started off with a sharing platter with prawns, fishcakes and some other little bits of Thai goodness and of course, I ordered prawn pad thai. I should really start ordering something else but I just can't help myself whenever I see it on the menu! We finished off with the chilli chocolate brownie which was mouthwateringly good and I had some sorbet (again, very typically of me!). I always love the Ozone restaurant because the atmosphere is just so chilled out with all diners sitting in their robes, a view of the beautiful grounds of the hotel and amazing service from the minute you walk through the door. 

April is stress awareness month and this De-Stress With Serenity Spa package is designed to help us beat away the daily stresses in our lives and take a day to unwind. The package costs £99 and is now available until the end of August and you can read more about it the Serenity Spa offers here

Amy x

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  2. Wow, sounds like such a relaxing day and what a deal for £99

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