Friday, 24 March 2017

Acceptable in The 80s

I'm not sure if it's the vintage style top, the a-line denim shirt or my shaggy shoulder length hair but does this outfit not look like it would fit right in in Stranger Things? I feel like I could be an American high school student in an alternate dimension with this combination on and I'm not complaining at all. It's this kind of look that makes me realise how diverse my style really can be as I can go from looking like the biggest goth to the most feminine princess to an 80s teenager and in my opinion that is the best way for your wardrobe to be. 

*Sienna Mid Heel Ankle Boots: c/o Raid Footwear

Navy Cross-Body Bag: Michael Kors

Denim Skirt: Urban Outfitters 

For me and I'd say most other people who are into fashion, clothes are about expressing  yourself. You don't always have to follow stereotypical styles or trends and regardless of whether everyone else likes something, wear it if you want to.  I learnt this a long time ago and since then, my wardrobe has expanded massively and I have clothes for every mood, every occasion and most importantly, clothes I actually feel comfortable in. 

The jumper is what really gives this outfit it's Stranger Things vibes and as you'll all be very aware of now, you can never have too many stripes in your wardrobe. The simple stripes across the middle make the jumper a little bit different from the classic breton stripe and it's a real staple for the transitional period from spring to summer. The jumper is from Joy, a brand I talked about in my post about spring midi skirts and as I've mentioned before, their website is full of little staples and trinkets with pieces for your wardrobe and homeware (watch out for that when I finally get moved into my new house!)

The black boots are the exact pair my life was missing too. I mean I have so many pairs of black boots from thigh high to heels to chunky ankle boots but what I didn't have were a pair like this. Sleek, rock chic staples that are comfy and timeless. They're from footwear brand Raid, a brand I hadn't heard of until a few weeks ago but I will definitely be adding a lot of their products to my ASOS wishlist. They've got cute ballet flats, chunky heels, going out shoes and so much more, taking inspiration from the catwalk and high street alike. Their price point is so good as well with most of their shoes being £30 or less - can't beat it!

Do you stick to a certain style or do you mix your wardrobe up?

Amy x
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