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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Three Moisturisers For All Budgets

Skincare can be a toughie when it comes to investing your money. It's often difficult to decide what your skin needs and the price ranges are so wide, I know I sometimes have absolutely no clue where to put my money and which products to splurge on. I've tried so many different types of skincare, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive and that's definitely true with moisturisers. For me, the price of things doesn't really matter. You can pay a half of your months rent for something that turns out to be the worst product you've used or you can pay a fiver for a brand you've never heard of for it to end up being a skincare staple. Equally, the more expensive ingredients in premium brands can work wonders on your skin whilst cheaper products may not do anything at all. I've picked out three of my favourite moisturisers, each from a different price range. They're all so different and are great for different things so hopefully you'll find this lil top 3 useful for your next skincare purchase!


Anyone with any kind of problem skin will most likely have encountered the brand Eucerin at some point in their skincare journey; my skin has had many meetings with their products! Basically, they're a brand that has come into being from working with dermatologists to create products that deal with various problems the skin can have. I've mostly used their products for blemish prone skin to combat those nasty under the skin spots (their toner is my fav!) but over the winter season, I tried some of their products for dryer skin. My skin isn't dry by any means but it is very dehydrated and it was in pretty bad shape throughout December. The Aquaporin Active Cream is a thick, hydrating moisturiser that's designed to rehydrate the skin without being too heavy and despite it being a rather thick and intense cream, it is actually intended for normal to combination skin. Granted, the packaging of Eucerin products is quite clinical and very "chemist" looking if you know what I mean, they do their job and after all, that's mainly what we want from a product right, even if we won't be posting it on our Instagram page.

The Eucerin Aquaporin Active Cream comes in at £15.50 and is available at most drug stores including Boots. Shop it online here.


Out of the three moisturisers featured here, this beauty is the newest in my collection. Avocados are everywhere at the moment and everyone with an Instagram account knows that they're the new stylish food but what about putting them on your face? Avocados are packed with nutrients and vitamins so it's no surprise that avocado oil is one of the main ingredients in many of cult brand's Antipodes products, including this wonderful Nourishing Night Cream. The avocado oil helps to stimulate collagen in the skin whilst manuka honey (which is another fav ingredient of mine in skincare!) cleanses the skin to help stop blemishes, which is to be honest my main aim when it comes to choosing skincare. I don't have sensitive skin but I do have to be careful as my skin gets clogged very easily so finding a creamy moisturiser than doesn't block my pores is one of my greatest tasks. I've been using this every night for the past few weeks and I absolutely love it and my skin looks amazing on a morning when I wake up. Before this I'd only ever tried hand cream from Antipodes (one which sits on my bedside cabinet to use on a morning and an evening FYI) but I think they're a brand that's right up my street.

The Avocodo Night Cream comes in at £33.99. Shop here.

Okay so this skincare product is the most expensive I've ever managed to get my little hands on and definitely comes under the category of "splurge". This La Potion Infinite from Argentum is an anti-aging cream that comes in just under £150 which for me is a huge amount to spend on a little pot of face stuff. At first when I heard the price, I was horrified - how could anyone possibly justify spending that much on a skincare product?! However, that was before I used it. This cream is actually amazing and after applying it I can actually feel it working on my face, creating a kind of tightening feeling on my skin. It is absolutely fantastic and although I'm not sure that right now I'm in the position to blow 150 quid on a skincare product, I know that if I happened to ever come into enough money to do so, this would become a permanent staple. I'm getting close to the bottom of my pot now which is devastating in itself because my skin feels so soft and glowy after using it, I'm trying to savour it at the moment!

The Argentum La Potion Infinite comes in at £147 and is available to shop here.

What are your favourite splurges or saves?

Amy x


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