Monday, 23 January 2017

Owning The Statement Party Dress

Let's be honest, it can be so hard to find that perfect party dress. You know when you've got a big night ahead and the outfit you planned makes you feel like a potato and you just feel like screaming because nothing you ordered looks good on you? Yup, there's not much more stressful than the "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" meltdown before a night out! Over the past few months, I've added a few new key party pieces to my wardrobe, some of which would have once been way out of my comfort zone but now which make me feel like a million dollars, one of those pieces being this simply stunning Motel Rocks sequin dress. I constantly find myself reaching for quite simple party pieces because I just felt uncomfortable wearing things that would draw a lot of attention to myself but, especially since my New Year's Eve Dress made me feel amazing, I've been a lot more adventurous in the party dress stakes! 


Of course, what attracted me to this dress was the colour. Like I said I usually reach of LBDs automatically so I wanted something a bit more out there so mermaid green was the perfect colour for me and the fact that the sequins are everywhere makes it such an effortless outfit. It's definitely an "all eyes on me" kinda dress, one that I wear when I want a bit of a sass boost (no better way to make you feel super cool than with sequins right?!)

I know that a lot of people can struggle with shoes for dresses like this, especially when they're a bit of a different colour. For me, it's got to be either black or nude for this type of look and here I went for the nude but to make it even more bold, added in the glitter heel. Yup, glitter on glitter. I went there. Nailing this type of dress is definitely about having confidence. Anyone can look amazing in in the boldest of dresses if you can feel comfortable and even if you don't feel comfortable enough to actually go out in them, rest assured that you will look freakin' fabulous. It's impossible not to in the most statement of party dresses!

Amy x
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