Monday, 16 January 2017

Instagram vs Real Life

Despite the fact that I moan and whinge and bitch about Instagram on almost a daily basis, I do love it and along with Twitter, it's the platform I use the most. Not only do I love editing my own photos and posting them onto my not so themed page, I love scrolling down and seeing the perfectly taken images, the neatly arranged flatlays and the droolworthy breakfasts in bed. For me, Instagram can be used as an escape from the woes of daily life and I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like the 'Gram is in it's own little fluffy bubble where nothing ever goes wrong in our lives and everything is just fine and dandy. Of course, we all know too well by now that Instagram is not a social media platform that's representative of real life and for the most part, we choose to share only our highlights and that's totally fine. We're not under any obligation to share photos of us wiping Nutella from our mouths after we scoff that crepe and we definitely don't have to share photos of us in the bath shaving our legs after we post that amazing bath bomb photo. So here's my Instagram vs my real life and I hope it gives you a lil bit of a giggle and shows that a single perfect photo is not representative of reality!

  INSTAGRAM                               VS                          REAL LIFE

Instagram is famous for the flawless selfie. I know when I'm scrolling down my feed and I see images of these simply ethereal beings I just want to scream "HOW" and then I look at my own selfies. I am a self-confessed selfie queen and I take selfies quite often (read: throughout the day, all day , every day) and let me tell you that a lot of work goes into the photos of my own face. On Instagram, selfies appear to be effortless; one quick snap and a little bit of a pose and there you go. WRONG. I think I speak for all selfie-ers when I say that you take 300 average/awful selfies for every banging one you post to Insta and I assure you my camera roll looks like this for every upload. There's a lot of "hmm that's my bad side", a bit of "OMG PLEASE TELL ME I DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT" and a hell of a lot of "why the f does my fringe do that?!" A moment of silence for all of the time we've sacrificed in order to get a truly great Instagram selfie.

INSTAGRAM                               VS                          REAL LIFE

Wouldn't it be lovely if our houses and bedrooms stayed as bright and as tidy as they look on Instagram?! Thank the lord for the brightening tool and VSCO filters ey?! According to Instagram, all of our houses are flooded with natural light, everything is placed perfectly around our rooms all the time, we don't have piles of clothes on our floors and we definitely look super cool whilst lounging in bed right....? The photo above was taken on a pretty grim morning. I wish I could wake up with beautiful sunlight flooding through my windows with my perfectly placed duvet and throw around my laptop! It's so funny how much a bit of re-arranging, brightening and filtering can do for a photo and after two quick seconds, my photo and my bedroom look much more Instagrammable. I always see bloggers posting "before" Instagram photos on Twitter and it never fails to make me chuckle!

INSTAGRAM                               VS                          REAL LIFE

On Instagram, our pets look like the cutest, most innocent little cherubs ever and Harry is the perfect example of this. On the photos I post of him, it looks like butter wouldn't melt and that he's the laziest, sweetest dog in existence. Oh how wrong you are! The photos I post of him are quickly caught when he's having his least dopey moments and most of the time you'll find him laid in less than flattering positions like the photo you see on the right. I'll usually find him eating something important (ahem, like a passport) or ruining something I've made and he's usually behind any household disaster (such as eaten carpets) that I tweet about. You may remember the photo I posted of my French toast breakfast the other day? Literally 3 seconds after I took that photo, this little bugger jumped on my bed and knocked my cuppa all over my toast and I had to start again from scratch but I left that bit out of my post!

INSTAGRAM                               VS                          REAL LIFE

I've travelled quite a lot over the past year and have done some really exciting things, all of which have made their way onto Instagram. However, what doesn't get posted on the Gram, is every hour I work to be able to afford these things. I work in a fast food restaurant and although I absolutely love my job I can assure you that I don't look anywhere near as glam in my cap and shirt as I do in my Instagram mirror selfies but just because I don't post it on social media doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. We can sit and scroll through people's travelling photos but at the end of the day we don't know how hard they work to achieve these Instagrammable moments. I work over 45 hours a week in my two jobs plus the countless hours I put into my blog and let me tell you it is not easy and it's certainly not glam!

Hopefully this has given you a little bit of a laugh! It can be easy to feel a bit crap about your own life when everyone else's looks so effortlessly perfect but in reality, no one's life is as glam as it looks on social media!

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Amy x
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