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Thursday, 26 January 2017

How To Style Double Denim

Double denim is one of those trends that can be scary. Let's face it, none of us want to end up looking like that Britney and Justin photo from the early 2000s do we? However, double denim isn't actually as hard to style as it may first seem and in actual fact, it's an easy look to throw together to look bang on trend when you haven't actually made that much of an effort in real life. New Look challenged me to style some pieces from their denim collection to show you guys that there's no need to be afraid of the double D - it's a trend that anyone can pull off!



So my first tip for those wanting to dip their toes into double denim is to go for different shades or washes of denim. Try light skinny jeans with an indigo denim jacket or a stonewash denim shirt with some navy jeans. This way, the look kind of completes itself and whilst it still makes a statement, there's no risk of a Britney moment and the different shades will break up the outfit. This is how I got into wearing more than one denim item a few years back and now I feel confident enough to choose and wear two similar shades as I have done here. It's all about feeling comfortable in what you wear!


I always feel that double denim is a lot easier to wear if it's broken up rather than being a single block of the same shade and this is wear accessorising is important. I added the thin black belt and black choker, just to take the attention off the similar shades of blue a bit and onto the outfit as a whole and although these two accessories are really simple, they have quite an impact on the overall look. It's not just accessories that do this either as something as simple as rips in the jeans could break the blocked look slightly, just to make it a little less daunting. 


Statement is my middle name and I love any excuse to add a bold print or something a bit different to the norm. Embroidered jeans are one of my favourite things right now and I love the rose design on this pair. They just look so effortlessly stylish and quirky dontcha think?! I contrasted this quite feminine touch with the more grungy and sleek snakeskin boots and I absolutely love the overall feel to this double D outfit with it's modern-meets-Western vibes. 


Layering is another easy way to nail two shades of denim. When I'm just wearing my plain jeans and my denim shirt, I like to put a high neck striped top underneath to add a bit of a print (adding a roll neck under everything makes you look uber fashionable right?!) or add a jacket or coat over the top. I'm the number one "always cold" person so I love any excuse to layer anyway but this really is a legitimate one! 

New Look have some bang on trend denim pieces in at the mo' so definitely check them out if you want to master this trend and despite all of my tips above, my biggest piece of advice would be to step out of your comfort zone with trends like this. It's the only way you'll get to try out new looks! 

Amy x

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  1. I'm so bad at accessorizing but I do love the double denim trend when it's done right! Maybe one day when I feel a bit more confident in my style I'll pull this look off!

    Jodie // jodieloue.com

  2. Some brilliant tips here! You make it look so easy!xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

  3. Loving this look Amy! These jeans are just fab! x


  4. Those jeans are gorgeous - I'm obsessed with embroidery at the moment. Love your boots too! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  5. I tend to stick by your first tip of going for two contrasting shades but you have proved taking it to the next level can totally work! You pull this look off amazingly! :)

    Style Sunrise☀



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