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Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Bumper Christmas Gift Guide

There's no denying it anymore - it's time to get our purses out for the Christmas prezzies. No more saying "oh it's only November I have plenty of time!" when we've opened the doors on our advent calendars and started getting the tree out of the attic and like it or not, it's time to get a bit spendy. I'm much less organised this year than I normally am with Christmas gifts and feel like I'm so behind with everything so I've been browsing all of the stores to help you out if you're feeling the same. Here you'll find four different categories of gift to give you inspo no matter who you're buying for or what your budget is - sure it's lovely to treat the ones you love but how much you spend doesn't really have an impact when it's all about the thought. That's why here I've got presents that range from below £10 to over £100 and hopefully if you're a bit stumped, you'll get some festive cheer and gift buying motivation from here!


I know I've already done a post on what to buy beauty lovers for Christmas but I just had to include more beauty gifts in this guide. There are plenty of beauty lovers out there so I know that'll you'll just love these additions too. Like I said in my last gift guide, I think people get tired of the typical kind of beauty gifts that we've come to expect at Christmas (not to sound ungrateful but you know the ones that sit in your drawer all year until the following Christmas when you get another one?) so for me it's all about thinking outside the box with beauty gifts. I like to get things that people would love but wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves because perhaps it might be a bit expensive for an everyday purchase or it's not their usual purchase. These Pixi goodies are absolutely perfect for this kind of gift. They're cult beauty products that all the bloggers love and I know so many people who've said that they'd love to give the brand a try but have just never gotten round to buying something.

I picked up (for myself I'll add oopsy) the Pixi Glow Tonic when I spotted it out the other day and although I haven't used it yet, I knew it would make an amazing gift. Probably Pixi's most famous product, I'm sure anyone would thank you for this as it's such a universal and highly sought after product. The other Pixi goodies would obviously be great too, either on their own or as an additional gift with something else. The Rosette Palette has something for everyone while the Pixi Fairy Dust Eyeshadows make the perfect gift for this time of year with the glitter and the glitz! Finally the Silky Eye Pen is absolutely stunning and I can't get enough of putting this on my bottom eyelid, another beauty product that'll suit any make-up lover. I've put together some more beauty gift ideas in the grid below (and have done for each category!) so make sure you take a lil look!



We all have those people in our lives, maybe a parent or a sister or a best friend, who just deserve a treat and sometimes, although we probably know them well enough, it's just difficult to think of something that will be the perfect gift for them. You want to spend a little bit more without being crazy (I saw a food hamper for literally five grand when I was creating this guide which is excessive) so these little pieces are a bit pricier than your average prezzie but they're worth it and are certain to put a smile on somebody's face.

The Magnitone Cleansing Brush is one for someone who loves a pamper or who wouldn't normally sit down and treat themselves to some "me time". It comes in at around £80 so isn't necessarily something that people would buy for themselves at other times of the year but is a gift they'd love all the same (I know, I swear by my own!) For me, watches are kind of a failsafe. They're classic, never go out of style and really, virtually everyone likes them. I love Timex watches and the vast majority of my watches are actually from them so I'd definitely recommend them and it's the same for Elie Beaumont. Both brands have watches that are simple but classic so are a fabulous gift if you're not sure of someone's style. Another failsafe for this type of gift has got to be a high end perfume. Again, it's maybe not something that you buy yourself very often but because the branding and the scents are so luxurious, they're the perfect gift. Fragrance Direct sent over this absolutely stunning YSL Black Opium Perfume, a scent I've been after since it first came out. It's got such a dark smell that suits me down to a tee and not only that but look at the cute lil gift set! Fragrance Direct have some absolutely fabulous deals on for Christmas with high end fragrances at fantastic prices so they are going to be my go to for perfumes and aftershaves this winter. 



I think homeware gifts are the easiest to buy because they're such failsafes. Who doesn't like a candle or a cute lil accessory? Yankee Candles are such a foolproof gift (c'mon we've all bought someone a Yankee at some point right??) but I've got some different candle ideas right. The first is a subscription to Scent From Candle Subscription Box, a gift that could keep on giving for a month, three months or even a year depending on your budget. Each month they send out a box themed on a different place (this month was Stockholm!) so you never know which scents you're going to get. I also got a cute lil photo frame and some fairy lights in my last box so they're such a cute gift idea!

If you're wanting to splurge on a candle, there's no better way to spend your money than on a Diptyque candle. I use my mini one solely for decorative purposes but I'd love one to actually burn too. Another homeware idea is something with the lucky receiver's initials. Everyone loves something personalised right?! I picked this little plate with "A" on in Marks and Spencers and they had so many cool little gifts that would be perfect for this type of present. Finally, as you can see we have a good ol' blogger favourite - the light box. These are so fashionable at the moment and everyone who's decorating has got one so they're definitely something to buy an avid interior lover!



Finally we have the budget gifts. They could be for any one of the people I've mentioned above if you're trying to keep costs down this Christmas or it could be for a secret santa or anything like that. You don't have to spend a lot to get someone special a lovely Christmas gift and these ideas absolutely prove it. It could be a hottie, it could be a big box of their favourite sweets or a cute little mug. A pair of pyjamas, a cheap candle, the next book in their favourite series or a box set of their favourite TV show. Sometimes actually, I feel like these gifts are the best to give and receive. Yeah its nice to get expensive presents that we wouldn't treat ourselves to but I know I'd rather have something that someone has put a lot of thought into!


Well I hope this has been at least some inspo for your own Christmas presents! How far along with your shopping are you?

Amy x


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  1. I love Pixi by Petra make-up! The packaging is always so cute! The magnatone is always a festive favourite, I received mine last year and have been using it ever since!


  2. I love Pixi, the packaging is adorable and the products themselves are very good quality. Love love love the cat glasses, decided I need them in my life, I guess as a gift to myself (?)

    Agnese | Agnese's Coiffeuse

  3. This post has got me so excited for Christmas!! What amazing gifts!

    Emma at www.collagemepretty.com

  4. I'd love to receive a diptyque candle for christmas to be honest haha
    Great suggestions :)

    Creepers & Cupcakes


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