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Monday, 12 December 2016

Pink Puffer Jacket

So today's outfit post is a little different thanks to the good ol' wet British weather and I was forced to take my photos inside. I hate taking my photos inside and I avoid it at all costs when I can because I just love the natural street style looks that us bloggers have become so used to so when I take them inside it just throws me off completely. I think the photos have turned out okay (although I was in a little huff with myself for a while, I'll admit!) and I hope you still enjoy the post as much as normal! Anyway, this is an outfit I haven't been able to stop wearing since I got all of the bits and pieces for it and the coat, which is my favourite piece of all, is surprisingly the cheapest part of the whole outfit! 


Yep, believe it or not this beauty of a puffer jacket is from none other than Primark. I've had so many outfits with amazing things from Primark these past few months and I'm seriously impressed at how much they've upped their game in the fashion stakes. I think this jacket was around £18 (don't hold me to that exactly!) and doesn't it look amazing? I almost bought a similar one in River Island a few weeks ago for £90 or something so the price for this is honestly amazing and the quality isn't bad either. I've teamed it with all black for more of a girly grungy look but this kind of coat is literally everywhere at the mo' so it could easily be styled in different ways.


The t-shirt is also a new purchase from Topshop. I'm a sucker for a band tee, simply because they're just so easy to wear and really it was the super edgy rips in this Metallica tee that caught my eye. I've been wearing it so much recently just with skinnies and boots - a super easy way to look really cool without even trying! However be careful with those rips....I don't really wear bras that often (small boob perks) and only half way through the day I realised that you could see one of my boobs through the holes. Totes repping Free The Nipple here!

Finally, we have a watch from one of my favourite brands - Elie Beaumont. Between Elie Beaumont and another watch brand, I have about 10 watches because I've just fallen in love with them completely. Here I have the classic from EB, the Oxford watch, a simple but chic accessory that can be teamed with almost everything. I already have quite a few watches with the kind of classic beige and gold colours so this time I went for something a little different and went for pink. I'm never without a watch on my wrist as I just think they finish of any outfit perfectly, especially when they look as good as this. What I love most about Elie Beaumont is that you can get the watches engraved, adding such a personalised and thoughtful touch. I haven't actually got an engraved one yet but next time I get a new watch I'm determined!

Oh and the boots! These have been out of stock on ASOS basically since I got my hands on them but I found a really similar pair from Public Desire - find them here!

Amy x

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  1. It definitely looks a little more pricey than it's £18 price tag! I need a coat like this so will be having a look.
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

  2. Don't worry about taking pictures inside - they've turned out great! I'm absolutely loving this look, I can't believe how cheap the coat it I'm actually shocked. Those shoes are gorgeous too xx

    |Georgia Megan|

  3. Those boots are absolutely divine, so so gorgeous! You look amazing as always Amy, so pretty! x


  4. I looove those boots! Theyre so fun!


  5. awesome pics= )))


    i invite to me too


  6. So cool and stylish! love the jacket!


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  8. That jacket goes SO well with the boots, oh my god.

    Meg | Elmpetra

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