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Monday, 5 December 2016

Creating Memories With The HP Sprocket

Whilst it’s true that nowadays most of our photos are stored on our Facebook pages or on our phones rather than stuck in a photo album, for me there’s something special about printing out your favourite moments and having them right there in front of you in a hard copy rather than on a screen. You may remember my post about the HP DeskJet printer a few months back and this time, HP are back with a new offering in the form the HP Sprocket, a pocket-sized photo printer that is probably going to go down as one of the coolest inventions for us avid selfie-takers and Instagrammers! I’ve tested out the Sprocket so you can all see what it’s about and I started by doing what I do best - a cosy night in of course! 

So first things first, the HP Sprocket is a mini portable printer that connects to your phone via the Sprocket app and Bluetooth, allowing you to customise, filter and edit any snaps you take on your phone. As you can probably see by the photos, HP have actually made printers stylish with the sleek minimal design, the rose gold detailing and the Instagrammable look of the Sprocket (who’da thought it?!) and the size is perfect for slipping into your bag whilst you’re out, whether you're going shopping, on a big night out or on holiday and I know that’s where I’ll be taking this next. I printed out some of my Iceland photos on it and oh boy, do I wish I had the Sprocket in time for my trip!

I got ready for the perfect night in with nail polish, snacks, cups of tea, Harry Potter, a selfie stick (of course!), treats and cosy PJs and Karl and I got snapping away. I’m much more of a night in person than a night out and it’s not often I get photos from nights like this printed out, despite them making some of the best memories. When you open the app you can print photos directly from your camera roll or social media and the process takes literally seconds. In a moment you have high quality, mini photos ready to be stuck on your walls, in a scrapbook, on your fridge or wherever else you please.

No matter how many photos we can store online or on our phones or laptops, nothing beats the feeling of holding that crisp photo, the actual memory in your hand and for me that novelty will never wear off. The HP Sprocket lets me get these memories instantly without having to wait for them for a few weeks or pay a small fortune each time and it’s such a cool, modern device that’s sure to transform the way you take and store your images when you’re creating memories! It’s so much fun as well, I think the the first time I printed out my photo I was squealing as the little square pushed out the photo - the novelty of that will never ever wear off! I mean come on, it’s a stylish, cute printer that fits in your bag! If that’s not adding a fun element to any photography.

I also printed out a few of my Iceland photos for my scrapbook before we had the night in andI’m loving how they turned out too. The photos are mini, polaroid-style and I couldn’t get over the quality of them considering how small they are. The images aren’t pixelated, distorted or ruined in any way at all so they’re taking pride of place in my Iceland section of my travel scrapbook! 

The HP Sprocket is available now on the HP Store and comes in the white and rose gold like I have or a sleek black and silver, which is also insanely stylish, and you can customise the photos on the app before you print with borders, text and filters. For me, this is definitely a device that I’ll get a lot of use and a lot of fun out of and I’d definitely recommend it for any avid photo takers and memory makers!

Amy x


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