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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Beauty of A Staycation

When we usually think of "going away", we think of holidays and breaks that are a plane journey, a train ride or at least a long drive away. We think of those "typical" holiday trips with drinks on a beach or trips to a famous world landmark and as a whole, we think of spending a lot of money. However, this doesn't always have to be the case and I had my first real "staycation" last week with a stay at the simply beautiful Rosebery Hotel in Jesmond and this is all about why I loved staying a bit closer to home and what made my stay at the Rosebery so special.

Jesmond is around a 40 minute car journey from my house so although it's not exactly on my doorstep, it's somewhere I do go quite regularly (they have some amazing food places and bars!) and although it is so close and so familiar, I just couldn't wait for a night away, a night of peace away from the usual hectic atmosphere when you're at home and trying to do everything. We arrived at the Rosebery in the evening at around 6pm and were greeted by the wonderful owner, who showed us to our room, brought us some drinks (they have a vintage cocktail trolley on a Saturday!!!) and told us a little bit about the hotel. I was expecting our room to be nice after looking on photos but my jaw nearly hit the floor when we opened the door and I think you can see exactly why by the photos! (See the Rosebery's Gallery for more photos of the other rooms)

The room was simply beautiful. Spacious, vintage, luxurious...it was like no other room I'd ever been in before as The Rosebery is a boutique-style hotel with no two rooms the same and it's absolutely jam-packed with personality, something I'm sure you can see through the photos. The room we were staying in was absolutely huge with a fireplace, dressing table, wardrobe and a clawfoot bath in the room itself rather than in a separate bathroom. The breakfast table sat in the corner (more on that later!) and with a TV, wifi and probably the most relaxing settings you could ask for, we were set for a night of pure chills. Of course, I had a bath virtually as soon as we shut the door, put on a face mask and a hair mask, drank endless cups of tea and had a well needed night of doing absolutely nothing.

What I loved most about the Rosebery though is that the owner has collected, made or refurbished everything from vintage or secondhand. Think huge vintage mirrors, reupholstered classic furniture, quirky wall decorations and so much more - it's like Aladdin's Cave with all of the new things to look at round every corner! I found myself saying "ohhh I love that!" a lot. There was a lamp made from old teapots, wall lamps made from old telephones, quotes made from old watch faces - everything you can think of and more and even though my own home is very modern and quite minimalist, I couldn't get enough of the decor here.

I actually shot yesterday's blog post in this room too and the photos turned out to be amazing - I felt like a Princess meets Downton Abbey! 

So after a total chill night, we woke up to what I'd been looking forward to most - the cutest breakfast in all of the land. When I think of "continental breakfast" I think of a bit of a crappy box with a bit of cereal and a piece of fruit but the breakfast at the Rosebery was probably one of my favourite hotel breakfasts ever. The table sat in corner by the window, packed with loose leaf teas, vintage style teacups and saucers, a fruit bowl, cereals and, my favourite part, the picnic basket full of morning treats. There were waffles, muffins and croissants, complete with a little oven to heat the croissants and it was bloody amazing. It was so nice to still be at home, to still be only a short drive away but to not be at home and we absolutely loved staying the night at the Rosebery. If you're in the Newcastle area or are looking for a place to stay for a journey up north, I'd definitely recommend it. They even allow you to bring dogs which is really great as we have so many beautiful countryside locations to walk little doges!

Anyway, a staycation was exactly what I needed, even if it was just for one night. The next morning we went into Newcastle itself to see Fenwick's Christmas window (which was amazing) and had some lunch at the Botanist. I had scampi and chips and it came in a basket - I was amazed. We had such a lovely day and night thanks to the Rosebery and I would 100% recommend it and would stay there again fo sho!

Visit The Rosebery Hotel's website for more info and bookings!

Have you ever been on a staycation?

Amy x


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  1. Such GORGEOUS photos! I will have to check out yesterday's post too!
    We half went on a staycation in the summer to a farm house and it was wonderful! I say half because one of the days we went to a museum and a vegan pizza place haha!

  2. This is such a gorgeous hotel! Really unique.
    Lovely post!

    Allie | Rush + Teal

  3. this sounds lovely! I do love boutique hotels. glad u mentioned the scampi in a basket! this is also one of my familys traditions as my great grandad owned a cafe in Hasting where he would serve scampi n chips in a basket and my nan, mum and now me also carry on eating fish n chips this way! :) http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/babe-with-power.html

  4. Looks lovely there. I think sometimes staycations can be better than holiday's abroad! I recently went to centre parcs for a week and it was total bliss, so much relaxation involved. xx

    Lauren Rose


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