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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

My New Mermaid Hair Debut

I had a very exciting week last week to say the least. I had a super fun shoot with HQ Hair in Manchester (head over to my Instagram for a sneak peek!) and then I did something very different with Schwarzkopf on Friday. I dyed my hair live on stage. Yup, I was lucky enough to be involved with #ColourClubLive along with some other total blogging babes so I thought I’d share my brand new and totally different hair with you guys - I’m absolutely obsessed. 

I’ve had a number of different hair colours over the years. I went from being blonde all through my young teen years to black to plum to red, back to blonde, back to brown and now copper. I’ve been through all the “natural” colours and have never been any kind of more quirky shade, despite admiring those brave enough to do it from afar. I love people who are brave enough to try different things with their hair from blues to reds to pinks to rainbow and I’ve never known where to begin.

So basically on the day, I, along with blogging babes Emily, Jess and Ally, went on stage with Schwarzkopf and dyed our hair at #LiveColourClub. Yup, amazing right?! It was such a fun day (aren't all days fun that you spend with other bloggers?!) and I couldn't resist writing a short post sharing my new and more daring 'do.

The colour is from Schwarzkopf's new Ultra Brights range and is called Sea Mermaid - the name could not be more fitting for me. I feel like a super grungy ginger mermaid and I'm unsure how I'll ever go back to ordinary colours now. I love how it's a bit messy and a bit dark because I just don't think bright with my copper hair would mix well and the grungy look goes well with my style. I'm absolutely obsessed with how it looks and I'm so glad I was more daring with the colour than usual - experimentation can really pay off!  

Anyway I just wanted to write a short post showing you my new hair you didn't come onto my blog one day and think "wait since when was her hair green?" 

What do you think of my new hair! Let me know in the comments!

Amy x


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  1. Your hair look gorgeous ombre'd! Love the colours!


  2. Looks great and especially love the plaits!


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