Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Little Ways To Treat Yourself

I've said before that my life is pretty hectic; I run my blog whilst also working over full-time hours between my two jobs and I rarely get any time to myself at all. This means that setting some time aside for relaxation and treating myself is absolutely essential, whether it's something big like going for a spa day or massage, or something small like sitting with a cup of tea and reading a few pages of my book. It's important to remember that it's okay to take some time away for yourself. It's okay to have a break from the hectic, stressful times and it's okay to perhaps push things back or get a bit behind schedule. Putting too much pressure on yourself can sometimes have the opposite effect to what you want and can set you back further so not only is it okay to treat yourself and take some me time, it's essential.

I'm more of a bath person than a shower person anyway but there's just something about having a really indulgent bath. You know the kind where you use every kind of product you possibly can, from scrubs to bath bombs to oils to hair masks. I love using the Lush Bath Bombs (obviously) with a few of my favourite candles lit, a deep conditioning treatment on my hair and my skin scrubbed clean. It seems obvious but baths are one of the only places where you can have some total you time and it is absolutely essential.

Monthly subscription boxes are the perfect way to give yourself something to look forward to every month and I always forget I've even subscribed so I get a nice surprise when they land in my door! My recent favourite is the Scent From Candle Subscription Box from IWOOT and I think it's easy to see why. When we think of monthly boxes, it's all too easy to assume there are only the traditional beauty boxes and although they are indeed great, there are so many different types of box out there that there will be one that suits you. This Scent From box is inspired by travel, bringing luxury candles and home accessories based on a different theme and this month my box was distinctly Moroccan. I absolutely adore the copper cage candle holder which is now sitting perfectly in my living room with one of the scented tea lights. The candles are absolutely amazing and smell beautiful, with a mixtures of spices and scents wafting through the entire house when I light them. It's overall such a nice box that's a bit different from the hoards of monthly boxes that are now available and it would be such a lovely monthly way to cheer yourself up!

Subscribe to the box or try out one for a month here.

Face masks are such a good way to unwind and just chill out without having to make much of an effort. They're not expensive, you probably already have a few hiding in your beauty stash and they can make you feel like a new person. My favourites at the moment are definitely the Origins Out of Trouble Mask and the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. They're both totally different but my skin is so up and down I need to change it up sometimes!

Now, I'm not talking about Chanel handbags here (that would be a nice way to treat yourself wouldn't it?!). I'm talking about those small daily pleasures that you might not get yourself because they're a bit expensive for what they area. I'm talking that posh chocolate bar or the glossy magazine that you always want or even the really great hand soap that's a pound more than your usual. All of these things are just tiny, small ways to cheer yourself up or treat yourself without breaking the bank. I personally love buying cheese when I want a little treat. You know that really posh cheese and crackers you can get from Marks and Spencers that usually you think "I'm not paying THAT for cheese!!!"

What do you do to treat yourself?

Amy x

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