Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How To Style Dungarees In Winter

I've always been a sucker for dungarees and pinafores and nothing has changed, even if I do look like a large child when I'm wearing them. They're just so comfy and are a really easy way to wear something a bit different during the day without being over the top. I've had this pair from Topshop for absolutely ages now and I know they're something I'll never get bored with, even if we are in the height of winter. I think dungarees are seen as mainly a summer thang, with short stripy tees underneath and little trainers but that doesn't have to be the case and I've been wearing mine in winter more than any other time of year.


First of all, in winter I style mine with boots, something which I think looks great. I went for my slightly edgier leopard print boots to give a bit more a winter feel as leopard and animal print is of course huge right now. When I first started wearing full length dungarees, I automatically used to reach for my little Converse or some summery sandals yet I love how boots look with them, especially when you roll up the bottoms of the dungarees a little bit. 

Obviously it's time to ditch the little crop tops that look oh so cool under overalls in the summer (unless you're extremely brave of course and don't mind being freeeeezing!) and exchange them for a high neck jumper. For me, high necks under dungarees just look absolutely amazing and they're what I constantly reach for. They give off such cool, chic vibes and I loveee having the sleeves rolled up a little bit - it looks much edgier dontcha think!? 

Finally I've added my super cool shoulder bag from La Redoute. Dungarees can look so laid-back so adding in the small details like a bit of a posher bag or the boots dress it up just that little bit, perfect for a winter day out shopping. I didn't have the perfect coat I wanted to layer over the top but I think a straight black coat would look amazing over the top of these, especially with the light wash of the dungarees. Basically, I think dungarees are one of those things that look great at any time of year, with anything layered underneath. I also love how they look with a casual shirt underneath with a smarter jacket over the top. They're so versatile and they're not anything to be frightened of - it's impossible to be too old for them!

Amy x
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