Thursday, 10 November 2016

Finding The Perfect Winter Coat

There's no denying it for any longer: winter is here and it came with a bang. I went from saying "isn't it quite warm for the time of year?" to saying "it's way too early for snow!" in the space of about a week and although I'm not prepared for the next few months of trying not to fall over as I walk like Bambi on ice, I was prepared to wrap up in my new winter coats. Choosing your perfect winter coat can be a challenge. There are so many factors to think about and let's be honest, coats aren't the cheapest of things to buy so you're gonna want one that's going to last. I own way too many coats and I'm actually struggling to fit them in my cupboard now so I thought I'd share some of my top tips on choosing that coat that's going to take you right through this weather - you're definitely going to be wearing a lot of it!


So this beauty is from La Redoute and they are a long time blogger favourite. It's so easy to see why as they cater for all styles, managing to look chic and classy whilst also being affordable at the same time. This right here though, has got to be my ideal coat. It's thick without being too puffy, the high neck will keep me warm whilst also looking insanely stylish and the colours are what I'm loving right now. 


So one of the first things I look for in a coat is practicality. Some of the more "out there" coats are absolutely beautiful but are you going to spend £100+ on a coat for it (a) not to be warm enough for the minus temperatures or (b) not actually match any of the everyday clothes in your wardrobe. There's no point in having all of these beautiful coats that you just cannot wear because they don't look right with everyday staples. That's why I like this style of coat so much. It's easy to style due to the block colours and the classic fit and also, thanks to the grey and the navy it's been so easy to throw on over virtually any outfit - it's the perfect kind of everyday staple. 

I also look specifically at the style. Am I going to be able to wear this for a few years or is it going to be a trend that I'm not going to like in a few months? That's why when it comes to my staple winter coat, I go for styles like this. It's timeless, it's stylish and it's probably going to last me years. That's why I think coats are an investment piece, something to spend a little bit more on.

I'm actually planning a little video on my coat collection so stay tuned for that!

Also, La Redoute are running a super cool competition that I'm involved in where I could win the festive Christmas trip of my dreams to Paris! To vote for me click here, click on the photo of my outfit under #LRXmas and click "like" - it only takes a second and I'd really appreciate any help from you guys! 

Amy x
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