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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Double Leopard Print


Yep, I did it. I'm wearing double leopard print and I have no regrets whatsoever. I've made it no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with animal print and always have been so double leopard comes naturally to me. The coat is quite an oldie from ASOS that I haven't worn nearly enough so since rediscovering it a few weeks ago, I've been trying to get more wear out of it because I love it. It's a wonderful dark, understated print perfect for Autumn and Winter this year (wishing I included it in my Top 5 AW16 Coats Video now!) and doesn't it look great with the brighter, trashier print on the shoes?!

Again these shoes are pretty old and are something I just used to overlook when deciding what to wear. Do any of you do that? Get something you really love and then totally overlook them when choosing an outfit? Yup, I'm so guilty of it. I have all these beautiful shoes, coats and dresses that I just look at and think "hmmm" when sifting through my wardrobe but then when I get it on I think "ooooo!" I've been making more of an effort to wear these kinds of things recently because I just find myself buying new clothes unnecessarily when I have more than enough in my wardrobe that I just don't wear. It's a total waste of money and besides, mixing and matching things make it feel like a brand new outfit anyway.

I'll admit that it may be a bit chilly for these types of shoes now but hey, a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do right?! I'm not ready to part with them yet so for now, I'm afraid I'm just going to have to deal with the chill (though how long this attitude will last I'm really not sure!) The main places I go shopping anyway are indoors so they're not a problem for when I get there - it's walking to and from the car that makes my lil feet wanna cry in these right now!

Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that don't get enough love?

Amy x

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  1. Super cool Amy, you look absolutely gorgeous! x


  2. So cool and stylish! Great shots!


  3. You look great. You are wearing double leopard print but in such a chic way! Your style is amazing!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  4. Definitely no regrets, this double leopard print look is so good! Love your ripped jeans too! x


  5. I swear your style just gets better and better! x

  6. I love how you've styled the leopard print! I have some leopard print shoes and I always forget I have them so never wear them! x


  7. I try to wear everything in my wardrobe, mix and match my old & new pieces! Usually they don't enough love because I'm one of those people who keep some clothes for 'special occasions' so they end up never being worn, which is what I'm trying to change aha! Love the leopard print coat! x

    Summer, www.thetwinswardrobe.com


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