Thursday, 17 November 2016

Clashing Prints in Winter

At this time of year, it's virtually impossible to show off your bottom layer of clothes without freezing to death (not your underwear fyi unless you want to catch hypothermia). I'm a fan of the time of year where a light jacket will suffice on top of your super snazzy shirt or strappy dress and I always get a lil bit sad when you have to cover up your beautiful outfit with a huge coat to save yourself from turning into an ice cube. That's why I love to clash it up with my prints during winter. I don't have many plain coats and most of them are printed in some way, shape or form so even if I didn't want to clash it up, I wouldn't have much choice! 


So for this outfit, I wanted to show off the beautiful star print on this shirt from Joy. Now, if I didn't clash the prints and wear a coat over the top of this, I basically wouldn't ever set eyes on it again until at least March so I had to get my coats out and see which pattern clashed best. I think lighter prints like this white and red star print are pretty easy to clash because they're so bold in themselves they look great against everything. The striped faux fur over the top makes the shirt a little bit more casual, a little more grungy and when teamed with my boots, it's the perfect smart casual outfit for this time of year. When the winter is over, I can't wait to wear the shirt alone as I love the tie neck detailing with the bright print - suits me down to a tee!

You may have seen these boots on my Instagram last week and not many people could believe that they were from Primark. Yup, they cost just 15 quid and I think that is blooming fantastic. The material is really great, they're comfy and they just look so much more expensive. I can't really justify buying another pair of boots but I couldn't keep my hands off these - just look at them for that price! 

Do you guys clash prints in the winter?

Amy x

p.s. A new YouTube video went up on my channel yesterday! It's a Get Ready With Me for the Fantastic Beasts Premiere so make sure you head over and watch it!
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