Monday, 7 November 2016

Blue on Blue

Say hello to the coolest jacket you'll ever see in your life. I have way too many jackets as it is, so many that I'm literally struggling to get the door on my cupboard closed but how could I say no to this beautiful blue baby? After all, I didn't actually own a blue jacket or an embroidered leather one so it's a totally justified addition right? It's from Zaful, a clothing brand that stocks amazing pieces like this one for fabulously low prices. For example this jacket costs around $40 (imagine how much a similar piece would cost in one of our high street stores) and although it is from overseas, the delivery time was actually pretty fast. Well, as fast as it can be coming from so far away, especially considering I've had to wait 8 weeks for overseas deliveries before. I actually have a few more pieces from them too so watch out for them in up coming posts!


I wasn't sure how to style this for the colder weather. I originally wanted to wear it with my loose fitted black cami dress but with the sudden drop in temperature, that's not going happen any time soon! I then wanted to wear it with my black skinny jeans but typically I couldn't find those anywhere either no matter where I looked (on the one day I needed them!!) so I had to go with the double blue. I don't usually like to pair two such similar colours togethers but I think the difference in the two shades kind of saves it. The jacket got so many compliments on this day from people in the street to the barista in Starbucks so I guess it must have been a winning combo!

Next on my list has to be a pink leather jacket. I have the mustard yellow leather jacket from Zara already (similar to this one) so a pink one would complete my collection just nicely! Plus, I don't think I actually own any pink coats even though I've lusted and lusted and lusted after them for years so I think it's high time I got my hands on one!

What do you think about all of the coloured jackets?

Amy x
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