Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Black Heart

All black is definitely a go-to look that we all find ourselves reaching for from time to time (or every day!) and although I do love a totally plain, all black errthang get up, I do like to sometimes introduce a bit of print or a dash of something different. This adorable peplum top was exactly the thing my wardrobe has been craving and it's from what is definitely going to become one of my favourite brands - Nobody's Child


Nobody's Child is a clothing brand based in London and although their pieces are so affordable, their business practices are ethical and their clothes are high quality. This top for example, costs just £20 and is just as nice as any tops I've paid a lot more for and doesn't it look amazing?! The clothes on Nobody's Child are a little bit different and they have a real edge to them. Think subtle grunge, endless materials and unique prints, they have everything I look for when I'm shopping online. Pieces like this are my favourite for taking me through the winter months. They're simple but by no means boring and this kinda thing looks great underneath coats and outwear too. Yup, say hello to my new casual everyday staple! 

After I wore my hair in a bun for one of the first times ever in my Sweater Weather blog post, I've been trying to embrace it more and I think I'm kind of taking to it. Normally, I wouldn't have even considered tying my hair up for a blog post unless I had no choice. I'm simply just too critical of myself. However, I think I'm just about over wearing it in a bun and I *think* it looks okay! Now my hair is getting longer, I simply don't have the time to be messing around with it on a morning and although I don't actually do that much to get it into my style, it can still be time consuming. It's just way too easy to tie up so I'm going to have to just get over it! 

I've also got an oldie but a goldie out here. This Paul's Boutique bag is pretty ancient now and is just one of those things that I forget about, probably because it's one of those really cute but really impractical bags. Yup, it looks super cool as an accessory but I just cannot fit anything into it at all. I can fit my phone and a lippie in and that's it, which probably explains why I forget about it. It definitely gets the label of a "going out bag".

Amy x 
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