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Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Christmas Gift Guide For The Beauty Lovers

Yup, I know it's still November and it's a lil bit too early for Christmas decorations (although more people than ever around my way have got theirs up already!) but it's by no means too early to start the Christmas shopping. I'm so much further behind this year than I ever have been. I'm usually so organised and finished my shopping by the time December rolls round but this year I've just been so busy that it hasn't happened. Hopefully you'll all be a lot more organised than me so far but this post is the first of my Christmas gift guides and this one is for the beauty lover.
As a beauty lover myself, I find them the easiest to buy for but I think you have to make the effort not to be too generic with these ones - it's too easy to grab the first gift set you see in the supermarket and end up getting them the same present or gift set as someone else! First up we have this simply beautiful Beauty Bauble from HQ Hair. I got this when doing a shoot for them last week (more on that exciting development very soon!) and it's out on December 1st, meaning you can pre-order them as a Christmas gift or as a treat for yourself (which is obvs what I'm doing!). Inside this super pretty clear bauble is a selection of beauty products worth £87, despite the fact the bauble costs just £25. Pretty cool deal huh?

Inside, there are some amazinggg make-up products, including Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer, Illamasqua Gleam Highlighter, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Eyeshadow, Nudestix Lip and Cheek Pencil and an Illamasqua Mascara. Wrapped in glittery strips and a super Christmassy bauble, any beauty lover is sure to thank you for all of these make-up goodies! Like I said, it's not actually out yet but you can pre-order the bauble for 1st December - I have a feeling these are going to go out quickly!

I've also included an Original Source Shower Gel here. I don't mean this as a full present to someone but I always get people a little something on the side too, something I know they'll use and shower gels etc. are definitely going to get used in any house - shower gels are a failsafe. This one smells amazing and feels pretty luxurious when you're scrubbing up so I think little, everyday things like this are great to add into presents and gifts, even if you're doing a secret santa at work and you have no idea what to get your person! 

This year, I discovered Weleda and since starting to use skin food, I've never looked back. They have beauty products to suit everyone and they're really reasonably priced too. My favourite is of course, Skin Food and this little gift set is such an amazing present as Skin Food can be used for a whole host of different things, whether it's the hands, the face and the body so it's a real all-rounder. As you can see, the brand has really outdone themselves when it comes to gift sets, with little mini shower gels in Christmassy packing, a set containing perfume, body wash and moisturiser (another fail safe!) and the little set including mini versions of different types of hand creams. All in all, they have something for everyone

I love the look of the bumper Heroes Gift Box where you get all of Weleda's most popular products - it looks amazing! 

Next up we have something that's not quite a beauty product but will be on beauty lovers lists all the same and it's this Woodsmoke Candle from the Great Frog. This isn't like any candle I've ever smelt before and that's in a good way. It's got more of a masculine scent to it which I find unusual as a lot of the candles I smell are very floral, very fruity and very light and are basically the total opposite of this one. This is really rich with a deep scent that fills the entire room with a dark, woody smell - it fits the season perfectly. The Great Frog actually has some really great gifts if you're looking for something a bit edgier, including jewellery and clothes - I've actually got this candle burning right now as I type! (Yes I kept this for myself too)

Finally we have the Jurlique Aromatherapy Mist, a little product made to be sprayed on the face and around the body to really relax and revitalise. The scent is wonderful with lavender, orange and lemon and it's a stocking filler that beauty lovers will really appreciate. You can even use it around the house to make it smell inviting and comforting, something which I've been loving (okay, I kept this for myself too and i'm not even sorry!).

Look out for more gift guides over the coming weeks!

Amy x


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  1. This would be truly a great pick for gifting someone on Christmas... :) I was also think of adding Moroccan oil for hair care.

  2. I am far behind this year than I was before. I'm usually so organized and finish my shopping around December, but I've been so busy this year that it hasn't happened. Hopefully, you will all be much more organized than I am by now but this post is my first book of Christmas ornaments Gift Guides and it is for beauty lovers.

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