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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Welly Walks & Outdoor Adventures

When I say I live in the countryside, I mean I live in the countryside. Think fields and hills as far as the eye can see, lots of green trees even in most of the city centres, probably more sheep than people and although I always say I’m a city girl at heart, the countryside undoubtedly has it’s own beauty. We’re never short of new, beautiful places to explore here whether it’s trekking to the local waterfalls or finding gems right on you doorstep and Karl and I went out into the fresh air last week to explore and adventure with my new Joules wellies.

When you live somewhere like me, wellies are absolutely essential if you want to actually be able to go on walks in the winter months and I don’t know about anyone else but ordinarily when I think of the word “wellies”, I think of those awful, green, farmer-esque wellies that everyone used to wear when they were kids. The wellies from Joules are certainly not those kind of wellies and I actually found it difficult to settle on a pair! They have some absolutely amazing patterned ones but I went for the plain navy pair as a lot of my coats have different patterns so the navy will compliment anything in my wardrobe and not only will they keep my tootsies warm and dry during the winter, they’ll take me through festival season too! 

Joules are actually running a competition where you could win a £150 Joules gift card, an amazing prize by the way as their coats are absolutely to die for. To enter all you have to do is get your wellies on, take a snap and show Joules what you’re getting up to with the hashtag #WellyWalks and it’s as simple as that. Karl and I took Luna out last week to have some adventures of our own and to show you just how beautiful the countryside can be in the height of Autumn.

Anyone else’s dog just know when you’re about to take them for a walk? As soon as I pick Luna’s coat out of the box she starts zooming around the house and going absolutely mad because she knows exactly where we’re going! We only took Luna with us on this adventure because Harry is so naughty on walks (he’s naughty in general to be fair) so it’s easier to walk them separately so we got her coat on, pulled the wellies on and we were off. There’s a really beautiful woodland area just a short drive from our house which is our favourite place to explore all year around. In the summer we might take some pop, sandwiches and some extra bread to feed the ducks but at this time of year, the leaves are starting to change and the crisp Autumn air means it is a breathtakingly beautiful place right on our doorstep. I like walking around and seeing what wildlife I can spot, whether it’s birds, insects, rabbits or squirrels, anything with lots of animals gets a thumbs up from me. Karl used to play here as a child and although some of the ponds dry up in the winter, it doesn’t take anything away from it. I shouldn’t moan about living so far away from the cities really - I mean, who else has this kind of tranquility right next to their house?

It was so chilly and kept spotting on to rain so my Joules raincoat was the perfect touch. I’ve had a bit of a thing about raincoats since I got my bright yellow one earlier in the year. They’re light enough to make sure you’re not going to overheat by lunchtime (yup, it’s that awkward time of year) yet will shield you from the wind and any rainfall so actually, they strike the perfect balance for Autumn and the transition into winter. 

Remember to enter the Joules competition upload a photo of you in your wellies and use the hashtag #WellyWalks to be entered to win a £150 Joules gift card! Details of the competition can be found here and it closes on Sunday so chop chop!

Amy x


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  1. These pictures are absolutely beautiful, and Luna is just adorbs too! x


  2. Ahh you and Luna both look so cozy and cute! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  3. Luna is adorable! My dog always knows when we're going to take her for walks haha, they're so clever! Your outfit looks fab, I love Joules wellies!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

  4. I would love to live in the countryside one day! I've lived in a city for my whole life, so the peace and quiet would do great things for me. x


  5. Such gorgeous photographs! How cuteee is Luna?! I'd love to enter this competition as Joules have some amazingggg pieces, your jacket being one of them right! But sadly I'm not currently a owner of wellies, boohoo! Good Luck everyone though!

  6. I love the coat, so stylish and has a perfect fit

  7. Such a beautiful setting! I absolutely love welly walks when it gets to this time of year :)


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