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Sunday, 30 October 2016

My Morning Routine

I’ve always been a morning person, ever since I was young. I like to get up early and make something of my day and if I lie in past around 9am, I feel like my day has been wasted (although sometimes we’ve all gotta have that reaaaally long lie in to catch-up don’t we?). Of course, this means I’ve fallen into a morning routine, the steps I take on a morning to make sure my day is productive and along with it, the skincare routine that keeps me feeling great and keeps my skin healthy. I try a lot of new beauty products so my daily beauty regime does change from time to time but recently I’ve been sticking to the same one with the same products so although these products will change, they’re what my skin has been loving.
I usually get up at around 8:00am to 8:30am (obvs after scrolling through all of my social media while laid in bed first) and I go straight downstairs and get myself some brekkie. Anyone who knows anything about me at all will know how much I love tea. I drink tea all day, every day without fail and I’m not joking in the slightest when I say I think I have tea running through my veins instead of blood. I start my day off with a green tea, something which I would highly recommend drinking. It’s so full of antioxidants and is so refreshing too and if you’re not keen on the quite bitter taste (I absolutely love it fyi) you can get some really great flavours. I know Twinings sell a beautiful orange blossom flavour! I always have to eat on a morning too. So many people I know can’t stomach breakfast when they first wake up but I’m the opposite and feel incomplete without it. I’ll usually have cereal or some kind of fruity bowl like this one which is one of my favourites. Strawberry Onken yoghurt, fresh raspberries and some granola (I think this was actually raspberry Special K though!!) - yummy!

Once I’ve started my morning with breakfast, I’ll move straight on and get ready and this is the part where I admit I usually have Jeremy Kyle on in the background (guilty pleasure okay?!). I normally start off my routine by cleansing and cleaning my skin with a micellar water, either my La Mer Micellar Water or the Nivea Micellar Water. I love how gentle these are as opposed to some of the harsher cleansers available and I feel they just get rid of the grimy feeling I often wake up with thanks to my combination skin. I follow with probably my least photogenic toner (bright green packaging gets a no from me), something which is a little bit harsher and stronger than the micellar waters and that is the Eucerin Dermo Purifyer. This contains lactic acid to help unclog pores, something which my morning skin absolutely needs and it leaves my skin feeling clean. fresh and also helps prevent the nasty under the skin spots without drying it out. 

So, onto the moisturisers. One of these is one I’ve talked about on my blog before and that is the Urban Veda Soothing Day Cream, a light moisturiser that helps replenish dehydrated skin. Although my skin is most definitely combination, I constantly get told by the experts that it’s dehydrated and that’s one of the reasons why I moved away from all “mattifying” moisturisers. This one helps to balance the sebum levels in skin like mine whilst soothing dry skin too so it’s a bit of an all rounder that’s perfect for seeing your skin through the day. 

Secondly, we have something that is most definitely at the “eccentric” end of the skincare spectrum and that is by no means a bad thing. The skinChemists Advanced Day Snail Moisturiser contains exactly what it says it does - snail secretion. I know you’re probably wondering why on earth anyone would ever put that on their face but it slows down ageing of the skin whilst the other ingredients, including Vitamin E Acetate and Creatine, revitalise and replenish the skin. Yup, I was wary of it too but to be honest, I’m up for trying anything at all so I gave it a go and I love the results. My skin feels healthy, smooth and hydrated and it’s definitely something I’ve found myself reaching for on a morning. This has made skinChemists really interesting to me and I’m now intrigued by these weird and wonderful ingredients! 

I use different make-up every day so I haven’t included my “everyday” make-up products here but I do my hair in pretty much the same way every morning. My GHD Azores are my absolute saviour, especially when it comes to my fringe. No matter how many times I dry it with my round brush it just looks awful when I wake up so I just have to get the straighteners on it. I use these to tidy my fringe, sort out the very bushy ends of my hair and although it is naturally wavy, it sometimes just needs a bit of a boost so if needs be I’ll add a few natural style waves into it. I only learnt how to put curls in my hair using straighteners rather than a wand this year so I’m still getting used to it but I think I’m about getting the hang of it! I also use Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid from HQ Hair. It does say it’s supposed to be used on damp hair but I like how it looks on my hair when it’s dry so long as I don’t go overboard. I spritz just a tiny amount on my roots and then run it throughout my hair (just a small amount so it doesn’t go crispy!) and it really helps in getting that effortless beachy look or the I woke up like dis look. 

After that, it’s make-up time (which I’ll show you in a whole other post or we’d be here all day!) and then I’ll get changed out of my pyjamas. I’ve said before I’m one of those people who gets dressed in something nice no matter whether I’m going out or going to work, whether it’s a jumper and jeans or a dress. I’ll put on whatever I’m feelin’ that day no matter what so I’ll throw open my wardrobe, see which pieces catch my eye and if I feel comfortable I’ll wear them and that is that. 

What beauty products do you use in your morning routine?

Amy x


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  1. well t is a lovely morning routine! I want to try all your products they sounds fab!!! :)


  2. lovely and nice.

  3. Great routine! I wish I could be more of a morning person, but I'm always too lazy to get up. Even today, I set my alarm for ten past eight and here I am at nearly 10 o'clock still in bed reading blog posts! You have such a nice morning routine! x

    |Georgia Megan|

  4. Just tried Redken shampoo for the first time this week actualyy! It's sooo amazing for my hair



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