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Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Skincare Products To Get Glowing Skin

My skin is a funny one; it's combination and blemish prone, yet recently it's been dull, dehydrated and downright boring and randomly I've been getting really dry, irritated spots along one side of my jawline. I've tried so many different skincare products over the years and over the past few months, I've really made an effort to branch out and try different things and my skin has definitely improved for it. 

Because I have combination skin, I made the usual teen mistake; I saw I was getting under the skin spots, knew my t-zone was oily so wouldn't touch anything unless it had the word "mattifying" in the description and we all know now that sometimes that can make things even worse. There are a few skincare products I've introduced into my routine over the past few weeks that I feel are going to become a permanent fixture for me, products that I never would have thought would have worked with blemish prone, oily skin but they have worked wonders on my skin, so much so that I even left the house without make-up on a few weeks ago!

First up, we have a brand that I've seen literally everywhere recently and that is Manuka Doctor. I'd heard nothing but raves about it and now after using these three Hero products I can definitely see why the brand is a blogosphere and celebrity favourite. The product I was most surprised at out of these is the Brightening Facial Oil. Like I said, I've never, ever been near a facial oil before due to my combination skin but after asking some of you beauty gurus for advice on brightening my skin on Twitter, it seemed I was going to have to break my fear and actually put some oil on my face *shock*. The facial oil isn't greasy in the slightest and absorbs completely into my face and leaves my skin feeling really nourished almost immediately and with all of the anti-oxidants in the oil, I'm not sure why I didn't try an oil sooner! 

The Gold Dust Firming Serum is something I don't think my beauty drawer will be without from now on. The serum contains ingredients such as manuka honey, purified bee venom and aloe vera, all working together to smooth and plump the skin. It's great for anti-aging but for me it's been the reduction of the red marks on my face that has been the best thing. I didn't have many but I just feel like this has helped speed up the process of getting rid of those pesky red marks left by under the skin spots that just won't budge! 

Finally we've got the Drops of Crystal Cashmere Touch Cream, a cream full of oils, Purified Bee Venom and Manuka Honey. This is what I've been using nightly since I got it and the smell is just amazing. It's quite a thick cream but not heavy on the skin at all so it's perfect for keeping my oily t-zone nourished without causing breakouts.

The other two products my skin has been thanking the lord for are these two little blue bottles of heaven from Ella Woodward's collaboration with Neal's Yard Remedies. I'm obsessed with Ella and her recipes as it is so when I found out she was bringing out some skincare, I knew it would be natural, vegan and of course in the best packaging ever and I wasn't wrong. The Rose, Lime and Cucumber Moisturiser and the Rose, Lime and Cucumber Facial Wash are full of organic ingredients that are suitable for all skin types and they have become my go-to products for my morning skincare routine. They're gentle, leave my skin feeling clean and smooth and they're really soothing when my skin is feeling a little bit worn down. 

As Ella says what you put into your body and onto your skin really makes a difference which is why I really value her natural ethos so I can't think of a better collaboration than between Neal's Yard and Ella herself and this is another duo that have earned their place in my skincare hall of fame!

Overall, I think it's really important to find the products that work for your skin. I spent years avoiding the very products that I needed and my skin suffered even more, causing me to avoid the nourishing oils and the natural face washes that have helped get rid of my blemishes and excess oil. I also think it's worth spending a little bit more than usual on skincare as I don't think you can beat the quality, the scent or the ingredients of the products that cost just a little bit more. 

What are your skincare heroes?

Amy x

*Post contains PR samples. All words and opinions remain my own.

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  1. Gosh, your photos of these products is just perfection.

  2. I need to try the Manuka Doctor range! It sounds amazing! Especially the Facial oil.

    Sophie | It's Cultured

    1. It's my favourite at the mo and I never thought I'd like facial oil at all! x


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