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Friday, 30 September 2016

My UK Travel Bucket List

Over the past few years, I've travelled quite a lot and I've seen so many beautiful places and I'm nowhere near done. There are so many more places across the world that I'm absolutely dying to visit (Bali, San Francisco and Hong Kong are on my list!) but I admit there is one country I have neglected and that is my own. The UK has so many beautiful places and cities and I think sometimes we get so caught up with globetrotting we forget about the places that are right under out noses. I've been to Manchester, London, Edinburgh, York, Chester and Whitby and really, other than a few places I can't really remember when I was young, that's about it. There are so many more places in the UK that I want to visit and here are just a few of them!


Probably one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK, Cornwall is definitely on my bucket list. It looks so picturesque it doesn't look real - like, it looks like it's been took straight from a postcard. I actually have family living in Cornwall and my mum and dad go down to stay and absolutely love it so I'm going to have to brave the awfully long car journey and get my butt there. It'll be worth it for such beautiful seaside views right? Just look at some of these beach cottages that I've been drooling over. The only problem is I think I'd never come home!


As a city lover, you'd think I'd have visited more UK cities than I have. Birmingham is somewhere I've never been but it's definitely a place I'd love to see. It's a city full of culture and I imagine that no matter what you're into or where in the city you are there is something interesting for you to do. Personally I'd want to go at Christmas for the Frankfurt Christmas market. I love anything festive but as I live in a quiet area, most of the Christmas activities are pretty small so this would be simply fabulous for a pre-Christmas break. I've been looking at Birmingham hotels on the IMG website because there are so many lovely but budget-friendly places to stay in the city. I like the look of the Crowne Plaza - I've never seen anyone say a bad word about them!


Probably the most Instagrammable place I've ever seen, I'd love to set my Olympus Pen on Brighton Pier! It was never somewhere I thought of as a bucket list destination until I started blogging and saw how amazing it looked from the bloggers who are based there. It may be cliche but I'd love to sit by the beach eating a chip butty in the undoubtedly chilly British weather and it looks like it has so many quirky bars and restaurants I'd probably eat my weight in food. Again though, it's another long car ride or train journey from the north so maybe I should do Cornwall and Brighton all in one trip! I've just been spending my time making myself cry at the rooms in Blanch House - major interior goals!

The UK boasts so many more amazing cities and places but these are my top three right now! Where would you love to visit in the UK?

Amy x

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  1. beautiful pictures!


  2. Fab picks! My family live in Falmouth in Cornwall and I can definitely say it's quite stunning, you should definitely take a trip! Also Brighton is fab too, so much fun as well!

    I'm living in York for university at the moment but haven't really been far out from the town so definitely need to make the most of my final year to explore the Moors and surrounding beauty! Similarly I'd love to visit more of Scotland! I went to the Edinburgh Fringe for just a day this summer and I'm dying to go back and see more!



  3. Cornwall and Brighton are both great, although Cornwall is HUGE so you need a good amount of time there. The beaches can rival those in Europe on a good summers day though! I went to uni in York so I explored so much around that area including Leeds, Harrogate and Scarborough. I recommend Leeds over Birmingham any day!
    Charlie, Distracted

  4. Beautiful pictures :) I'd love to visit Cornwall too. I live close to Pembrokeshire and we have beautiful beaches so would love to visit the Cornish rivals! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  5. You're so right, I'm forever saving to go on lovely holidays that I forget there's loads of places to go in my own country! Two weeks ago I moved to Plymouth which is a short boat trip from Cornwall, I definitely need to go! Brighton is on my list too x

    |Georgia Megan|

  6. San Francisco is definitely on my list too! Would love to visit Cornwall and Brighton, I've heard such great things about them! Great post x

    Summer, www.thetwinswardrobe.com

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  8. I live in Cornwall and I'm sure you would absolutely love it, St Ives is one of my favourite places during this time of year as it's not too busy!

    Hannah | Oh January

  9. I've been to Manchester, London, Edinburgh, York, Chester and Whitby and really, other than a few places I can't really remember when I was young, that's about it. There are so many more places in the UK that I want to visit and here are just a few of them! minibus hire leicester
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