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Sunday, 18 September 2016

My Luxury Travel Bucket List

Normally when I travel, I do it on a budget so that I can go on more trips and have nicer things at home too and whilst travelling on a budget is great, there are a few things that are extremely luxurious that I'd love to be able to experience. I'm sure most people who like to travel share my desire to do most of these things and even if you don't travel, some of these are the very epitome of luxury, the things that nearly everyone would like to experience, whether it's realistic or simply a dream.


We've all watched the celebrity Snapchats of the private jets, the luxurious flights and the parties in the air (Kylie Jenner I'm looking at you!) and one day, I'd love to experience what this is actually like. We're used to being jam packed on planes with the tiny isles, the flight mode on our phones (imagine being able to Instagram that wing photo actually from the air?!), having elbows digging into your sides as the person next to you tries to get comfy...I'd love to one day splash out and have one of those luxurious flights. Can you imagine flying business class and being able to actually sleep on a long flight or, even better, having your own private jet? That's what luxury is all about. I've been browsing VistaJet for oh em gee I can't think of any better way to travel. They rent out private jets so if you're not lucky enough to be able to purchase one of your own (IMAGINE!), you can still experience it if you have the funds for that. Look at that plane interior! It sure beats the low cost airline interior right?! 


I've found a new love of spa days and treatments this year so obviously a deluxe spa break is something I would love. Can you imagine a full week or two of ultimate relaxation, full of pamper sessions, champagne and amazing views in a beautiful hotel? Perhaps looking at Kuoni's Maldives holidays wasn't the best thing for me to do as now I want to cry because I'm not there right at this moment - I want infinity pools, massages, facials and peaceful serene oceans in my life right now please. Also if I don't get to go this resort in the Himalayas at some point in my life I will not be complete. 


Although I've travelled quite a lot over the past few years, most of the places I've been have been in Europe, with the furthest I've been being Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh and New York. There are so many other countries, continents and cities I want to see and the Bahamas and Bali are top of my list. The Bahamas is one of those places that people automatically think of when they think of luxury and beauty so it's a place I'd love to see and after seeing loads of bloggers visit Bali over the last year or so, I've decided it's somewhere I would love. Get me on a (luxury) plane ASAP! 

What would you do if money was no object?

Amy x

*Sponsored post. All words and views remain my own.

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  1. A luxury spa trip holiday would be perfection! Loving this post Amy, sometimes it's really great to be able to write down and visualise the things you want to see in your future! x


  2. the bahamas looks amazing, the maldives too!


  3. Being able to experience a private jet must be amazing and having the chance to have a relaxing nap on a plane sounds like perfection.
    The Bahamas is deffo a place I would love to go!


  4. Wow, what an imagination, I love your ideas and maybe oneday we can achive this like private jet and a spa holiday on a beautiful island.

    Kim - condorny.com


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