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Monday, 19 September 2016

Moving Out Essentials: My First Homeware Haul

Moving out is scary, whether you're moving to university or moving into your own place. No matter how old you are, where you're moving to or who you're going with, moving out is stressful - what do you buy? How much money should you spend? What should you buy first? What things should you take to university halls? I'm hoping to be moving out really soon and as a self-employed new graduate moving into my first home, that is some scary stuff. I've already got quite a lot of things that I love for my new house so I thought I'd share them with those of you who are also moving out for the first time - they're things you can't go without!

So, I think your bedroom is really important. If you're moving into halls, it's really the only truly personal space you're going to have for a year so you need it to be comfy, cosy and have a bit of your personality in it and duvets are absolutely essential for this. Sleepy People sent me over the perfect Silent Night bedding set for moving out and whether you're moving out as  a graduate into your own little place or as a student into halls or your first student house, this set is exactly what you need. My duvet from my bedroom at home was absolutely ancient and to be honest, I couldn't have took it with me. I got a 10.5 tog duvet and although I'm no expert on the tog rating at all, I think 10.5 is in the middle of the summer and winter duvets and this is perfect for me. I hate being too hot on a night so during the summer I won't overheat but equally I'll be warm enough in the winter too, without having to change duvets. I've left the duvet cover off the duvet so you can get a real look at it and how thick it is but it's oh so comfy, I just want to wrap up in a big duvet burrito and never leave my bed. Plus, the duvet passed the ultimate judges - my dogs! Look how happy Luna looks!

I also got two pillows and a mattress protector, two home essentials that I feel get overlooked because when everyone thinks of a bed, they think automatically of the duvet. Really though, how can you possibly have a good night's sleep without a comfortable pillow?! They're just as important as the mattress in my opinion and again, I was well overdue some new ones. Mine had gone all flat and lifeless if you know what I mean?! Anyway, the Silent Night pillows are the perfect place to rest your head on a night and when you're moving out and your bed becomes your space, that's exactly what you need. Finally we have the protector. We got a new mattress ready for moving out a few months back (read my Leesa Sleep post!) so a mattress protector is obviously essential for keeping it clean and making it last longer. Plus if you're moving into student halls, a mattress protector makes your bed that bit more hygienic and I don't know about you but I'd definitely feel better sleeping with one on!

Secondly, I've bought a chair. This may seem random as a really important part of your home but I need a comfy space that I can just relax in but I also didn't want to spend a fortune (you'll only realise just how poor you are when you look at the prices of three pieces) and would you believe this chair was less than £100??? Yup, this baby is from Dunelm, a shop that's full of all the decor you could want for your first home or your halls. I just need somewhere I can relax while writing blog posts or drinking a cup of tea so this will be perfect for my starter home!

Another essential for me is cutlery. I know I didn't live in student halls for very long but cutlery was something I wouldn't go without and of course, for my first home it has to be copper. Again, these are from Dunelm and were really reasonably priced (cutlery is another thing that you don't realise just how expensive it is until you start looking!) and after all, these are things you're going to be using a lot so you need good quality ones! Also, again from Dunlem, is this set of four mugs. I can't remember how much they were exactly but they were so cheap and super cute too (perfect for those Instagram breakfast shots) and plus, tea definitely tastes better out of a cute mug right? The copper hangers are from B&M Bargains and although I'd love my wardrobe to be full of these uber stylish hangers, I'm not prepared to pay to fill it with them so a couple to hang my fav items will have to do!

Finally the cream faux fur throw that you see in the background of my cutlery photos is also a new addition. I take a lot of photos so needed something to use as a photo prop or background and of course, this will do just nicely! It's from IKEA, a haven for us students, graduates and mover-outers who don't have a lot of spare cash - my Silent Night Duvet and my IKEA bed just make up my perfect sleep space! Anyway, I've got quite a lot of my stuff from IKEA including a lot of fake plants and little nik naks for decor - I'll be sure to show you all around when I finally get everything together!

Make sure you check out Sleepy People if you're looking for your moving out bedding! Also, if you're a bit clueless about all of these tog ratings etc. they have handy tools to help you choose which bedding is right for you!

Amy x

*post contains PR samples. all words and opinions remain my own.

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  1. This is such a big step in life, I wish you nothing but the best for your move. I'm digging those copper hangers and kitchen utensils. x


  2. I love that cutlery! Gorgeous. And such a cute dog too. Best of luck with your move!

  3. Oh my - that copper cutlery! SO gorgeous. Good luck with your new home :)

    Beth x
    Bethany Georgina

  4. Such a lovely style of post! Love how you've included your dog in these pictures, so cuteee! xxx


  5. That duvet looks sooo cosy. If I was moving out, I would deffo be getting copper cutlery too, they're soo nice! :)

  6. a good duvet and pillows are number 1!! cant wait to finally move in the new year! XX



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